9 Fun Airplane Crafts for Kids


The air is mostly unconquered except for large noisy machines that only professional pilots can operate. Kids go bonkers at the sight of airplanes, especially in places where it’s not an everyday occurrence. There’s just something cool about a vehicle that can defy gravity laws and be able to join the birds and soar through the sky.

Airplanes are fascinating for kids. The concept of flying stirs up curiosity as well. However, we cannot fly because that is not what God intended for our bodies so we need to find other ways to fulfill those anticipations. That’s where these airplane crafts for kids come in.

But if there is one thing that has no limitation, it’s one’s imagination. So, if you want your kids to enjoy the idea of flying, then you can help them learn, create, and love paper airplanes!

Encourage kids to slow down and observe the sky outdoors. Look for birds, clouds, and planes. Invite kids to build their model airplanes. This will keep them occupied during their free time and help bring out other creative talents. The challenge of creating a new masterpiece can inspire and enhance their imagination and creativity. These crafts are super fun to make, plus the kids can play with them afterward.

Here are 9 fun types of soaring plane crafts the kids will surely love building! Get creative and crafty.

9 Fun Airplane Crafts for Kids

Folded Paper Airplane

Airplane Crafts For Kids
Photo from Origami Way

Let’s start with the most basic, the classic paper airplane. The incredible thing about a paper airplane is that all you need to make one is simply a piece of paper. You don’t need glue, tape, paper clips, or scissors. With a few folds, some adjustments here and there, and you’ll have a superb paper flier. There are many different kinds of folding you can learn. Each airplane also has varied airtime, speed, and stunts.

Check out different ways how to fold a paper plane in this tutorial here.

Giant Paper Airplane

Airplane Crafts For Kids
Photo from Fireflies and Mud Pies

Take the classic paper plane craft up a notch with this giant heavy-duty version of a paper airplane. Try practicing folding on a short bond paper then switch to a poster board. Afterward, tape or staple it to reinforce the folds so that the airplane doesn’t come apart while being handled by small hands. Decorate it and then take it outside to fly, glide, and crash! This giant paper airplane also appeared in our paper crafts for kids list.

Check out the full guide here.

Toilet Paper Airplane

Airplane Crafts For Kids
Photo from Pinkey Stripey Socks

When the tissue runs out, use the toilet rolls to make an airplane. Add a propeller and wings using cardboard and a hot glue gun. Get yourself a little painter and then stick it all together for a fun way to recycle those old toilet paper rolls.

Click here for a complete guide on how to do it.

Cardboard Box Airplane Craft

Airplane Crafts For Kids
Photo from Repeat Crafter Me

Time to take flight! Make an airplane from a cardboard box and engage in imaginative and fun play with your kid. All you need are a cardboard box, marker, clear packing tape, and scissors. Your kid can also paint it their favorite color or decorate it to make it more unique and colorful. There you have it!

Click here for the guide to making this wonderful kid’s craft.

Plastic Bottle Airplane

Airplane Crafts For Kids
Photo from Mas and Pas

Instead of dropping off all of your recycled plastic bottles, recycle one yourself and turn it into a whooshing plane. After playing with it, you can also cut a slit at the top, and the kids can use it as an airplane piggy bank for the multipurpose use of a plastic bottle at home.

See the full project details here.

Clothespin Airplane

Airplane Crafts For Kids
Photo from Create Craft Love

Airplanes are not always big as some can be tiny and adorable. These plane crafts are made of clothespins, popsicle sticks, and wooden beads. Let your kid paint it their favorite color and stick it together with a hot glue gun. There you have another fun airplane project!

Learn how to create this awesome paper plane with your kids through this guide here.

Dramatic Play Airplane

Airplane Crafts For Kids
Photo from Tippytoe Crafts

This fun airplane idea is one of the many great kids’ activities to play together with family, siblings, or friends. The materials required are just cardboard, construction paper, tape, and scissors. All it takes are 4 chairs in between the cardboard cutouts to make the seats on the plane. The kids can then climb aboard and fly away.

See the full details here.

Spiral Airplane Craft

Airplane Crafts For Kids
Photo from Oh Amanda

Although this does not look like the typical paper airplane, it is super-fast and spirals across the room. Consider reusing takeout straws and make this cool straw plane. To make this airplane, all you need is a plastic straw, a sheet of paper, and some tape and scissors would help too. Cut one-inch strips on the long side of the paper and then another on the short side. Afterward, stick together both ends in circles. Lastly, tape each ring to the top and bottom of the plastic straw, and that’s it!

Learn the step-by-step creation of this unique airplane craft here.

Egg Carton Airplane

Airplane Crafts For Kids
Photo from Steamsational

Reuse your old cardboard egg cartons and turn them into an airplane. With a spark of imagination and a dash of creativity, the simple cardboard egg carton can also be transformed into a traditional plane shape.

Click here for a complete guide on how to do it.

After you make a couple of the airplane kids’ crafts above, it is time to fly your plane. Kids love seeing their creations in the air. It is also rewarding for them to know that they have spent their time well and it was fun to build. Have a blast playing with them!

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