Honor the Heroes with 21 Patriotic Army Crafts for Kids

21 Patriotic Army Crafts For Kids

Immerse your children in a world of creativity and patriotism with these engaging army crafts for kids! These are not only fun but also serve as a great opportunity to teach your little ones about the importance of Veterans Day, the brave men and women who serve in our nation’s armed forces, and the significance of honoring our military veterans.

From making American flags to creating soldier puppets, these ideas are designed to be age-appropriate, ensuring that your preschoolers and older kids alike can enjoy them.

Each project is a celebration of our soldiers and the sacrifices they make to protect our nation. So, let’s not forget to incorporate these activities into our November calendar as we approach a fun Veterans Day. After all, what better way to celebrate this important occasion than by creating something beautiful and meaningful? So, gather your supplies, print out your templates, and let’s get crafting!

American Flag Craft

Army Crafts For Kids - American Flag Craft
Photo by Housing A Forest

Let’s make a simple and fun American Flag! First, we’ll need to cut long strips from our red construction paper. After that, we will take our glue and carefully stick the red strips onto the paper to create stripes. Then, we’ll cut out a blue rectangle and glue it at the top left of our flag. To finish it off, let’s dip a Q-tip into white paint and make tiny dots to represent stars.

Doing this craft together will help develop your fine motor skills and foster your creativity. It’s such a wonderful way to make learning fun.

Check out Housing A Forest for more details.

Clay Military Tank

Army Crafts For Kids - Clay Military Tank
Photo by Craft Techinfus

Ignite your kid’s creativity with this engaging clay military tank. Using multi-colored clay, your child can sculpt their personalized tank, complete with a turret, wheels, and intricate details. Once the clay solidifies, these mini-tank stands can help symbolize military strength and resilience, a perfect way to teach your little ones about these values.

Learn more from Craft Techinfus.

Cardboard Box Tank

Army Crafts For Kids - Cardboard Box Tank
Photo by Instructables

Transform an ordinary cardboard box into an exciting tank for your child’s playtime. With some cutting, folding, and gluing, your child can create a unique playhouse for their toys. This DIY not only sparks creativity but also imparts the value of recycling and reusing materials, making it fun and educational for kids.

Learn more from Instructables.

Paper Pistol

Army Crafts For Kids - Paper Pistol
Photo by Craft Techinfus

This paper pistol toy offers a safe and fun way for kids to engage in imaginative play. Using a simple template, children can assemble their own paper pistol, complete with a trigger and a sleek black finish. This not only enhances fine motor skills but also encourages children to value their creations, making it a great Veterans Day soldier craft.

Learn more from Craft Techinfus.

Army Cap Origami

Army Crafts For Kids - Army Cap Origami

Origami serves as a wonderful introduction to the art of paper folding for children. This army cap origami is straightforward yet engaging, allowing children to create their own army cap using just a sheet of newspaper. Once completed, these caps can be used for pretend play or as a unique way to display badges or insignias, making it a fun craft for kids.

Learn more from Paper Origami Blog or follow the template below.

Army Crafts For Kids - Army Cap Origami Template

Patriotic Soldier Origami

Army Crafts For Kids - Patriotic Soldier Origami
Photo by Craft Techinfus

This origami provides a creative way for children to pay tribute to our brave soldiers. Using colored paper, children can fold and shape their own, complete with a uniform, boots, and a cap. This not only enhances fine motor skills but also teaches children about the relevance of our military.

Learn more from Craft Techinfus.

Army Crafts For Kids - Patriotic Soldier Origami Group
Photo by Craft Techinfus

Military Clothespin Airplanes

Army Crafts For Kids - Military Clothespin Airplanes
Photo from Crafts By Amanda

Let your child’s imagination take flight with these military clothespin airplanes. Using craft sticks, clothespins, and paint, children can construct their own miniature airplanes. This not only develops fine motor skills but also encourages children to appreciate their creations. It’s a fun idea for kids, especially on Veterans Day or Memorial Day.

Learn more from Crafts By Amanda.

Veterans Day Soldier Craft

Army Crafts For Kids - Veterans Day Soldier Craft
Photo by The Joy of Sharing

Using a paper roll tube, cereal box, cardstock paper, and other materials, children can create a soldier figure complete with a hat, uniform, and rifle.

Learn more from The Joy Sharing.

Matchbox War Machine

Army Crafts For Kids - Matchbox War Machine
Photo by Craft Techinfus

Engage your child in an exciting DIY with this matchbox war machine DIY. Using empty matchboxes, cardboard, colored paper, glue, safety scissors, and paints, children can create their own toy-like war machine. This not only fosters creativity but also teaches children about the benefits of recycling and reusing materials.

Learn more over at Craft Techinfus.

Army Crafts For Kids - Matchbox War Machines
Photo by Craft Techinfus

Popsicle Stick Soldier Puppet

Army Crafts For Kids - Popsicle Stick Soldier Puppet
Photo by Glued To My Crafts Blog

Celebrate Veterans Day or Memorial Day with a patriotic activity. Using sticks, paint, and cardstock, create a puppet! Paint the sticks to resemble a soldier’s uniform, and with a bit of glue and creativity, you’ll have a fun art that honors our nation’s military. It’s a great task for classrooms in November or any time you want to teach appreciation for men in uniform.

Learn more from Glued To My Crafts Blog.

Paper Ship

Army Crafts For Kids - Paper Ship
Photo by Craft Techinfus

Set sail on an impressive crafting adventure with this Paper Ship project. Using colored paper, a sheet of blue cardboard, pencils, safety scissors, glue, double-sided adhesive tape, and a stick for the mast, your child can create their own paper ship. Add optional decorations like rhinestones, bird figurines, and seashells for a personalized touch. This is a great opportunity to teach your child about the value of our navy while also fostering their creativity and fine motor skills.

Learn more from Craft Techinfus.

Army Crafts For Kids - Paper Ship Template
Photo by Craft Techinfus

Cardboard Tank Craft

How To make A Tank Model With Cardboard

Before the holiday rush of Thanksgiving, take a moment in November to create with your kids.

Using cardboard, scissors, and paint, create a tank that’s perfect for teaching about the army and the importance of our military. It’s a fun idea that’s also educational.

Clay Airplane Craft

Army Crafts For Kids - Clay Airplane Craft
Photo by Craft Techinfus

Create a clay airplane by first kneading blue clay until it’s soft. Roll the clay into an oval shape, with one end wider than the other. The wider end will serve as the front of the plane, while the narrow end will be the tail. Form two equal-sized balls of blue clay to make the wings, shaping them into triangular forms. Attach the wings to the body firmly.

Create the tail using a smaller blue triangle, and attach two small yellow triangles to the sides as tail fins. Secure the tail to the body. Mold a windshield from yellow clay and attach it to the front of the plane. Use yellow clay to form a thin strip and decorate the edges of the wings. Add eyes to the windshield and cut out a smile to complete the face of the airplane.

Learn more from Craft Techinfus.

Paper Rifle

DIY Paper Gun | DIY Paper Craft ideas | Creative Paper Craft for Everyone #papercraft #gun

Engage in safe and imaginative play with this Paper Rifle craft. By rolling and folding paper, your child can create their own pretend rifle. This not only fosters fine motor skills but also teaches children about the importance of our military.

Remember, this is a pretend play item and should not be used to imitate real weapons.

Paper Tank

Army Crafts For Kids - Paper Tank
Photo by Craft Techinfus

Create a Paper Tank with this project. Using matchboxes covered in green paper, your child can assemble the body of the tank. Add caterpillar tracks and wheels made from paper, and use a cocktail straw to make the muzzle of the tank. This not only fosters fine motor skills but also encourages children to value the things they create. It’s a great way to honor our military and engage in a fun activity.

Learn more from Craft Techinfus.

3D Paper Military Stars

Army Crafts For Kids - 3D Paper Military Stars
Photo by Artists Helping Children

To start this activity, first, print out this pattern for a 5-Pointed Star. Then cut the paper star out. After, fold on the inner lines of the star. You will see that the star now looks 3-dimensional. You can either paint or color the star gold, or you can cover the star with paste and then sprinkle it with golden glitter.

Learn more from Artists Helping Children.

Armed Forces Toy Parachute

Army Crafts For Kids - Armed Forces Toy Parachute
Photo by Wiki How

To make a parachute for a toy soldier, cut an 8-inch square from a plastic bag. Tie knots in each corner to secure the strings. Cut two long strings, twice the length of the square, and tie one end to the top corners and the other end to the bottom corners. Slip the loops formed by the strings under the toy figure’s arms and use tape if necessary. Finally, hold the toy and toss the parachute, observing it gracefully float down. Experiment with different heights for varying results.

Learn more from Wiki How.

DIY Binoculars

Army Crafts For Kids - Diy Binoculars

Create DIY binoculars using two toilet paper rolls secured together with tape. Punch holes on each side and tie a strand of yarn through them. Decorate the binoculars with stickers, markers, and crayons.

These binoculars can help children focus on objects and reduce distractions. Encourage them to explore and observe things at different heights and locations. Ask questions like “What do you see?” or “What colors and shapes do you see?” to engage their curiosity. This promotes imaginative play and enhances visual perception skills. Enjoy the adventure of discovering the world through homemade binoculars!

Military Dog Tags Printables

Army Crafts For Kids - Military Dog Tags Printables
Photo by Artists Helping Children

Create personalized dog tags to support the troops or as a fun activity. With the right printables, trace the template onto cereal box cardboard, then cut it out. Glue or paint the template and let it dry. Use a fine-pointed Sharpie to write your last name, first name, and phone number on the dog tag. Attach a necklace chain, cord, or string to wear it around your neck. Optionally, apply Mod Podge to protect the dog tag. This allows children to make their own dog tags and shows support for the military. It’s a great way to engage kids and promote patriotism.

Learn more from Artists Helping Children.

Paper Poppy Craft

Army Crafts For Kids - Paper Poppy Craft
Photo by The First Grade Round-Up

To make your poppy flower, gather two red cupcake wrappers per child, 1-2 inch strips of green construction paper, a paper clip or clothespin, and a black crayon. Follow these steps: 1. Flatten both wrappers and cut about 1/2 inch off one of them. Use the black crayon to add “seeds” in the middle of the smaller wrapper. Glue the smaller wrapper to the middle of the larger, uncut wrapper.

Twist the green strip to create a stem. Attach the stem to the back of the poppy using hot glue. Attach a paperclip or clothespin to the stem with hot glue. Wear the poppy by attaching it to your shirt. The children loved wearing these poppies as a beautiful reminder of daily sacrifices. Thank you, veterans!

Learn more from The First Grade Round-Up.

Painted Poppy Stones

Army Crafts For Kids - Painted Poppy Stones
Photo by Happy Hooligans

Create painted poppy stones by washing and drying smooth beach stones, painting them black, and allowing them to dry. Then, paint a red circle on the front of each stone and add a black circle in the center with a white dot. Write a message on the stone using thinned white paint. Apply a coat of varnish to protect the paint and let it dry. Finish by painting and varnishing the bottom of the stone. Hand-deliver the poppy stone to a veteran or place them around the community’s cenotaph for veterans to take. These painted stones serve as heartfelt tributes and expressions of gratitude.

Learn more from Happy Hooligans.

These simple crafts are more than just a way to pass the time; they are an opportunity to instill values of honor, respect, and appreciation in our children. So whether you’re a teacher looking for classroom activities for Veteran’s Day, a parent seeking to keep your preschoolers engaged on a rainy day, or simply someone who enjoys DIY projects, these army crafts for toddlers are a great way to instill an appreciation of veterans.

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