Unleash Creativity with 20 Monkey Crafts for Toddlers: A Fun Guide

Unleash Creativity With 20 Monkey Crafts For Toddlers: A Fun Guide

Engaging in arts and crafts is not only fun for your toddler but also essential for their cognitive development. It enhances their motor skills, stimulates creativity, and fosters a love for learning. If your little one is fond of monkeys, you’re in luck! We have compiled an exciting list of Monkey Crafts For Toddlers that are easy to make and will keep your child entertained. These crafts range from paper plate monkeys to puppet monkeys, and even monkey hats. So, get ready to embark on a fun-filled crafting adventure with your toddler.

Paper Plate Monkey Craft

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Paper Plate Monkey Craft
Photo by Easy Peasy and Fun

Gather up your little one and let’s make a fun paper plate monkey craft together! First, we’ll take two paper plates and color them brown, then we’ll trim one plate to make the monkey’s ears. Next, we’ll glue the plates together and cut out handprints from brown paper. We’ll also need to cut a monkey face shape from beige paper and draw the facial expression. Don’t forget to cut four strips of brown paper for the arms and legs, and a swirly strip for the tail. Finally, we’ll glue all the pieces together.

This craft helps your toddler develop their fine motor skills and creativity. Check out Easy Peasy and Fun for more details!

Paper Bag Monkey Craft

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Paper Bag Monkey Craft
Photo by Craft Play Learn

Let’s create a playful monkey craft with our little ones. First, gather all the materials – paper bags, cardstock, glue, and scissors. Then, cut out the cardstock into shapes to resemble a monkey’s face, ears, and tail. With your toddler’s help, stick these pieces onto the paper bag. And there you have it, a cute monkey puppet to ignite your child’s imagination.

This adorable craft not only enhances their fine motor skills but also instills a love for arts and crafts. Check out more details at Craft Play Learn!

Fingerprint Monkey Card

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Fingerprint Monkey Card
Photo by Crafty Morning

Get ready for some fun with your toddler! Gather up twine, brown paint, a brown and black marker, glue, and a white piece of paper. Begin by dipping your child’s thumb in the brown paint and stamping it on the paper to make the cute monkey bodies. Use their pointer finger dipped in paint to add little details above the thumbprint. Cut a piece of twine and glue it above the thumbprint monkeys, creating a tree branch for them to hang from.

Let your little one’s creativity shine by drawing tails, ears, arms, and legs with a brown marker. Then, make the monkeys come to life by drawing black eyes and a dark brown smiley face. Write the message ‘I love hangin with you!’ at the top of the card, ensuring it’s clear and legible.

Feel free to let your child add their own flair with additional decorations or personalizing the message. Not only is this a delightful craft, but it will also help your toddler explore their creativity and improve their motor skills. Visit Crafty Morning for more detailed instructions and have fun crafting with your little one!

Accordion Arms Monkey Craft

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Accordion Arms Monkey Craft
Photo by Preschool Crafts

Get ready for some creative fun with your little one! Dive into the world of accordion monkeys by folding paper back and forth to create adorable arms and legs. Glue them to the monkey’s body, attach the head, and don’t forget to give them a banana to hold.

Your toddler will learn basic folding skills and have a blast crafting their own troop of monkeys.

For more details and a variety of accordion animal craft ideas, check out Preschool Crafts filled with crafts perfect for kids, parents, and preschool teachers. Let the crafting adventure begin!

5 Little Monkeys Activity

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - 5 Little Monkeys Activity
Photo by Repeat Crafter Me

Get ready for some fun learning with this adorable monkey counting game. Start by creating eight silly monkey clothespins, then design eight printable cards with beds and pillows numbered from one to eight. Mix up the cards and cover the numbered beds with a flap to increase the challenge.

As you read each page of the book ‘Eight Silly Monkeys‘, ask your little one to find the card with the corresponding number of pillows. Have them count the pillows and mark each one with a monkey clothespin. They can check their answers by lifting the flap. This enjoyable game not only helps your toddler with counting but also prevents the re-counting of items. The printable bed cards, which can be downloaded from Repeat Crafter Me, further enhance the learning experience.

Your child will learn counting skills, number recognition, and fine motor skills with this interactive game. Visit Repeat Crafter Me for more details and to download the printable cards.

Footprint Monkey Craft

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Footprint Monkey Craft
Photo by Fun Handprint Art

Let’s have some fun creating a footprint monkey and a fingerprint palm tree! We’ll start by painting your foot with brown paint and making a footprint on a sheet of construction paper. Then, we’ll use your thumbprint to create monkey ears on either side of the heel and paint on a tail. Once it’s dry, we’ll use tan paint to make the monkey’s tummy and face. We’ll make eyes using white paint and your little fingerprints, and then draw or paint on the facial features.

Next, we’ll paint a sandy beach at the bottom of the page for our fingerprint palm tree. Dip your finger into the brown paint and make the trunk of the tree using as many fingerprints as you want. Then, we’ll use green paint on your fingertips to create the palm tree leaves.

Doing this craft will help you develop fine motor skills and stimulate your creativity, my love. For more details on this craft, check out Fun Handprint Art!

Sock Monkey Craft

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Sock Monkey Craft
Photo by Deep Space Sparkle

We’re going to have a blast creating our very own sock monkey! First, let’s gather up our supplies which include colored paper, black oil pastel, brown, white, and red paint, colored yarn, ricrac, pom-poms, googly eyes, and buttons. We’ll start by drawing our sock monkey using a directed line approach. Once our monkey starts to take shape, we’ll paint it using the brown and white paints, remembering to let the brown paint slide over the white after it dries. Now, let’s bring our monkey to life by outlining its shape with the oil pastel.

Next comes the fun part, we get to decorate our monkey! We can use the googly eyes for a fun look, and the ricrac, fabric scraps, and pom-poms for a unique touch.

And what’s a monkey without clothes? Let’s use our scrap paper to cut out a cute little outfit for our sock monkey. We’ll need to use our best cutting and fitting skills here to make sure our monkey’s clothes fit just right.

By participating in this craft, our little ones will not only have fun but also practice their fine motor skills and creativity. They’ll learn about spatial awareness while cutting and fitting the monkey’s clothes, and they’ll get to express their own style while decorating their monkey. Curious to learn more? Check out Deep Space Sparkle for more details on how you and your toddler can enjoy this craft project together.

Paper Tree Monkey Craft

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Paper Tree Monkey Craft
Photo by First Palette

Get ready for a fun-filled craft time with your little one as you both create a delightful monkey tree. Begin by drawing a monkey and some bananas on the cardstock, cutting them out, and then letting your toddler color them in. Then, prepare the green construction paper by making a tall cone and securing the edges with tape.

Next, tape a paper cup to the base of the cone and cut along the vertical lines of the cone’s surface. Round out the tips to resemble tree leaves. Roll the green craft foam to shape the tree branches. Then, it’s time for decoration.

Help your toddler place the cut-out leaves on the tree, open them up to add volume, and then attach the bananas to the tree. Don’t forget the monkey! Fold its tail for a bit of realism and then place it on the tree.

This craft project not only provides a fun activity for your toddler but also helps in developing their fine motor skills and understanding of shapes. Visit First Palette for more detailed instructions and have a great crafty time together!

Coffee K Cup Monkey Craft

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Coffee K Cup Monkey Craft
Photo by Artsy Momma

Get ready for a fun and silly K cup monkey craft with your little one! Start by painting the entire outside of a clean, dry k cup with brown paint, letting it dry before adding a second coat. Next, cut out ears and an oval shape from brown construction paper for the monkey’s mouth, and use hot glue to attach them to the cup.

Don’t forget to add googly eyes with hot glue opposite the existing hole in the top. Then, take a brown pipe cleaner, cut it in half, curl one end for a tail, and insert it through the top hole.

This craft is not only fun but also teaches your toddler about animals, shapes, and colors. For more details and other fun craft ideas, visit the blog Artsy Momma.

M for Monkey Craft with Printable Template

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - M For Monkey Craft With Printable Template
Photo by Artsy Craftsy Mom

We’re going to create a cute M for Monkey Craft using some simple supplies like brown and light brown felt or construction paper, black felt, an old CD, scissors, glue, and googly eyes. To start, we’ll print our template on a piece of paper and carefully cut out the head, mouth, and ears. We’ll use these cutouts as our guide and trace them onto the felt. Next, we’ll glue the face onto the CD and then add the muzzle, nostrils, and mouth. We’ll finish our monkey face by gluing on the eyes and ears. Voila! Our adorable Monkey Craft is ready!

Doing this craft helps you learn about the letter M and fosters a love for crafting.

Visit Artsy Craftsy Mom for more details on this craft!

Valentine’s Day Toilet Tube Monkey

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Valentine's Day Toilet Tube Monkey
Photo by The Inspiration Edit

Get ready for a fun and creative bonding session with your toddler as you both make the charming Toilet Tube Monkey Craft. Begin by printing the template and coloring it in with your child using crayons or markers. Carefully cut out the template pieces and set them aside. Paint the toilet tube together and wait for it to dry. After drying, glue the template pieces onto the toilet tube. Don’t forget to cut out the eyes and glue them on, and then use a black marker to draw a cute smile on the monkey’s face.

Not only will this activity foster creativity and fine motor skills in your little one, but it will also provide a great opportunity for you two to bond.

For more detailed instructions, visit The Inspiration Edit.

Paint Chip Monkey Craft

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Paint Chip Monkey Craft
Photo by Making of A Mom

Let’s get creative and make a cute Paint Chip Monkey. First, grab some brown paint chips from a home improvement store and cut a medium-sized oval from either dark or light brown foam for the monkey’s nose. Stick this onto the middle of the paint chip with a glue stick.

Next, take a large black Sharpie and draw two nostrils and a smiley face mouth on the foam. We’ll then glue on two large googly eyes for our monkey. To finish, cut two medium-sized circles from the foam for the monkey’s ears and stick them on the sides of the paint chip.

This fun activity will help your little one develop their fine motor skills and creativity. Check out Making of a Mom for more detailed instructions.

Curious George Paper Plate Mask

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Curious George Paper Plate Mask
Photo from Crafts by Amanda

As a mom looking for a fun and creative project, you’ll love this charming Curious George paper plate mask. Start by painting one paper plate brown and the other peach. Once dry, cut out the face and ear pattern from the peach plate and the mouth from black construction paper, and the tongue from red construction paper.

Glue on the mouth and tongue to the peach face, and attach this to the brown plate. Use a black marker to add the finishing touches like the nose and laugh lines. In case the glue doesn’t stick well, feel free to use some tape for reinforcement. Remember to hold up the mask to your toddler’s face to find the perfect spot for the eye holes.

This craft is not just fun but also a great way for your toddler to improve their motor skills. Check out Crafts by Amanda for more detailed instructions!

Creating A Swinging Monkey

Fun crafts for kids SWINGING MONKEY easy paper DIY

Let’s have a fun and creative time by making a swinging monkey craft together! First, gather all the materials we need, like paper, a pencil and marker, a straw, scissors, a glue stick, and some scotch tape. Start by drawing the parts of our little monkey, including the body, tail, and head. Don’t worry about it being perfect, we can look at pictures or even your favorite monkey stuffed toy for inspiration.

Once you’re satisfied with your drawing, let’s color it in using your favorite crayons or markers. After we’ve breathed life into our monkey with colors, it’s time to cut the pieces out. Remember to cut halfway up on each end of the body for the arms and legs. To make the monkey’s hands wrap around the straw, we’ll roll some paper and glue it part way down the arms.

Now, cut the remaining pieces out and once everything’s ready, we’ll stick them onto our monkey. We can even make the feet and tail more realistic by folding the corners of the feet and using a marker or pencil to curl the tail. For the final touch, let’s make some leaves for our tree branch using scrap paper and attach them to the end of the straw. And voila, our swinging monkey is ready for some fun!

This craft project will help you improve your fine motor skills and stir your imagination, honey. For more fun and educational craft projects like this, let’s explore together!

Make Monkeys with Pipe Cleaners

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Make Monkeys With Pipe Cleaners
Photo by Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

Let’s make adorable pipe cleaner monkeys! First, twist three brown pipe cleaners to form the head and arms of our playful monkey. Next, slide a wooden bead onto the lower strands to create the body. Bend the pipe cleaner legs to make feet, and bend the arms for a lively pose. Attach the head with hot glue and add felt ears to give our monkey character.

This craft not only allows your toddler to explore their creativity, but it also enhances their fine motor skills. Visit Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls for more detailed instructions!

Monkey Hat

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Monkey Hat
Photo by Simple Everyday Mom

Let’s have some fun today making a cute monkey headband hat. First, we need to download the monkey template, print and cut out the pieces we need. We’ll then glue the monkey’s face to the middle of the monkey’s head, and carefully place the eyes above and outside of the nostrils.

Let’s not forget the cheeks. We’ll place them below and slightly outside the eyes, then glue them down. Now, we’ll take the inner ears and glue them to the monkey’s outer ears. We can finish off the face by drawing some eyebrows above the eyes with a marker.

Lastly, let’s place the headband extender on each side of the headband base and tape it in place. And voila! Your little one now has a cute monkey hat.

This craft is not only fun but also a great way to improve your toddler’s fine motor skills and creativity. For the template and more details about this craft, visit Simple Everyday Mom.

Monkey Mask Craft

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Monkey Mask Craft
Photo by Messy Little Monster

Why not try making a monkey mask based on the popular children’s book, Little Monkey by Martha Altes? Start by downloading the free printable template of the monkey face. Gather your craft materials and let your toddler help color and decorate the mask, using colors from the book or even a rainbow palette. Then, simply attach a stick or string to your creation, transforming it into a playful mask.

For an added adventure, consider a visit to a local zoo or park to see real monkeys, making the story truly come alive.

This craft not only fosters creativity but also enhances reading comprehension and understanding of the story. Visit Messy Little Monster for more details.

5 Little Monkeys Puppets

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - 5 Little Monkeys Puppets
Photo from Not Just Cute

Let’s have some fun this weekend creating our very own monkey finger puppets from inexpensive felt. We’ll use brown for the bodies and ears, white for the eyes, and pink for the nose and mouth. Remember, they don’t have to look perfect – it’s all about having fun!

We’ll cut the shapes out, then use a glue gun to assemble our little monkeys. We can even draw on their cute faces with a Sharpie. Don’t worry if they all look different, that just gives them character. We could also make simple stick puppets.

You’ll be able to practice your cutting skills, and we’ll use double-sided tape to put it all together. And just like that, you’ll have your very own monkey puppet for storytelling.

This craft will help develop your fine motor skills and creativity, so let’s get started! For more detailed steps, check out Not Just Cute.

Hula Monkey Puppet

Monkey Crafts For Toddlers - Hula Monkey Puppet
Photo by Coffee Cups and Crayons

Today we’re going to have some fun crafting a hula monkey puppet together. Let’s begin by downloading and printing the template from Chicabug onto some colorful cardstock. After that, we’ll cut out the monkey’s head, muzzle, mouth, and ears. It’s your time to shine now – use the template as a guide and create your very own hula monkey head.

Next, we’ll transform some tissue paper into a hula skirt by cutting it into rectangles and then into strips. Now it’s time to bring our hula monkey to life. We’ll glue the cut-out pieces onto a paper bag, making sure everything is securely attached. To make our puppet even more festive, let’s add some foam flower stickers and big googly eyes to the monkey’s face. Of course, we want our puppet to be the star of the show, so we need to make sure all decorations are visually appealing.

This isn’t just about fun, though. As you play with your puppet and create your own puppet shows, you’ll be developing your creativity and storytelling skills. So, let your imagination run wild and don’t forget to incorporate the puppet into your luau-themed games. Now, off you go to have some fun and don’t forget to check out Coffee Cups and Crayons for more details on this craft!

Pin the Tail on the Monkey Game

We’re going to have some fun today creating a playful monkey game with our Cricut Expression machine. First, we’ll select the monkey design using our Life’s a Party Cricut cartridge and adjust the size to fit our 12×12 mat. This clever machine will cut out our monkey shape, which we’ll carefully remove from the mat. Don’t worry if it looks a bit plain, we’re going to layer on some color and personality with our different pieces of paper.

Next, we’ll turn our cute monkey into a fun game. Let’s blindfold each other, spin around, and try to stick a tail on our monkey using extra large glue dots. We can even add some embellishments for extra charm.

It’s a great way to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Plus, it’s so much fun, you won’t even realize you’re learning! Isn’t that amazing? For more details, watch this cool video or check out Joy’s Life for more details.

Cricut Life's A Party Monkey Game

These crafts provides a fun and exciting way for your little ones to learn and develop their fine motor skills while having a great time. From paper plate monkeys to fingerprint cards, coffee K cup monkeys, and even a hula monkey puppet, these crafts are both educational and entertaining. They allow your toddlers to explore their creativity, learn about shapes, colors, and animals, and even work on their hand-eye coordination. So why not try out these Monkey Crafts For Toddlers and enjoy some quality crafty time with your little ones.

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