12 Delightful Christmas Recipes for Kids

The holiday season is finally here! Both the kids and the entire family are excited to spread joy and love this Christmas through family bonding moments like decorating the home, putting up the Christmas tree, and so much more!

One great way to cheer on the festive vibe of the holidays is to start baking Christmas recipes with your kids! Help your kids unleash their arts & crafts talent and creativity in the kitchen!

There are plenty of recipes kids would love to try: from easy Christmas treats like gingerbread man biscuits, glittery ice cream, and candy cane sweets, to Christmas recipes that need diligent parent supervision like snowman soup and Christmas cakes.

Keep in mind that the recipes kids are involved in do need to be easy and appealing to their sight and taste. So, be enthusiastic and considerate in choosing recipes that your little one will love.

If you are looking for recipes for party food that kids would like, then you’re in the right place! Let me share with you these 12 Christmas recipes for kids to help you and your family celebrate the 12 days of Christmas in a more fun and delicious way!

Easy Santa Claus Sugar Cookies

Christmas Recipes For Kids
Photo from Taste of Home

Kicking off this Christmas recipe list with one of the most famous Christmas characters there is – Santa Claus!

Create mini Santas with your kids using only sandwich cookies that you can easily buy from the store, some chocolate, and some red-hot candies.

It is so easy to make! You only need to melt your chocolates in a microwave and then style them on your biscuit. This is an easy recipe your kids can have fun creating. Check out the recipe here.

Classic Gingerbread Man

Christmas Recipes For Kids
Photo from Unsplash

Create gingerbread men in different designs and colors with your kids this Christmas. Of course, you should also make sure they taste and look great. Learn how to bake them using this Gingerbread Man recipe.

Simple Christmas Gingerbread House

Christmas Recipes For Kids
Photo from Kidspot Kitchen

Another great gingerbread recipe is this simple yet colorful Gingerbread House! It is easy to make and bake. Plus, you and your kids can decorate it to your heart’s content. Yes, there is no right or wrong to this simple Christmas treat, which makes for an enjoyable and fun activity with your children.

Polar Bear Peppermint Creams

Christmas Recipes For Kids
Photo from BBC Good Food

Creating anything cute and adorable is one sure way to convince your child to bake with you. So show them these cuddly Polar Bear Peppermint Creams!

This 6-step recipe only needs icing sugar, eggs, chocolates, and peppermint essence. So go ahead and check it out this winter season!

Jam-Filled Star Cookies

Christmas Recipes For Kids
Photo from BBC Good Food

Kids love earning stars! Treat them to a more special start this holiday season with these jam-filled star cookies. The best part is that you can let your kid choose their favorite jam. Simply tweak a few ingredients in this perfect and tasty recipe that you can learn here.

Snowman Soup

Christmas Recipes For Kids
Photo from My Kids Time

No one would believe how this recipe is going to help you turn a boring soup dish into a fun and cute meal that your kids will have fun eating. It is the perfect treat for the family during the cold winter weather. If you make it with your kids, not only will you be warming up your bellies, but your hearts, too!

Find out how to make this treat using this recipe.

Colorful Snowman Doughnut Sticks

Christmas Recipes For Kids
Photo from Kidspot Kitchen

Kids love snowmen; kids love donuts. Put them together, and what do you have? A fantastic treat that your kids will surely have fun munching on!

The ingredients for this Christmas recipe are simple and decorating it with your little one will surely be fun and memorable this holiday season.

For the full recipe, click here.

Christmas Pudding Cake Pops

Christmas Recipes For Kids
Photo from BBC Good Food

The happy thing about this recipe is that you can design it with whatever Christmas theme you want! Bake these Christmas lollipops for your kids and let them design them to their heart’s content.

You can access the recipe here. Enjoy!

Snowman Biscuit

Christmas Recipes For Kids
Photo from The Monday Box

This is another great recipe that will let your kids show off their artistic side. You can prepare the biscuits in advance and take them out with your kids when it’s time to design their favorite colorful snowman faces.

Learn the recipe here and have fun decorating!

Tasty Christmas Tree Brownies

Christmas Recipes For Kids
Photo from One Little Project

Another favorite Christmas subject is the Christmas tree! So of course, while a life-size version stands in your home, creating mini-Christmas trees to give out as treats for your friends and family will be a wonderful time to enjoy with your kids!

Click the link for the full recipe.

Reindeer Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Recipes For Kids
Photo from What’s Cookin’

Santa Claus won’t be getting anywhere without his trusted reindeer. Make sure you include this reindeer Christmas cupcake recipe on your list of “to-bake treats” with the kids because they are tasty, cute, and such fun snacks for family and guests!

Chocolate Bark

Christmas Recipes For Kids
Photo from The Every Mom

Convince your kids to join you in the kitchen this holiday season by showing them that you will be making this delicious chocolate bark with reindeer designs.

Of course, your kid can choose whatever decoration they want to put. They can add snowman figures, Santa Claus faces, Christmas tree drawings, or anything else they associate with Christmas. Or your kids can simply sprinkle chocolate chips and pretzel crumbs. Whichever way they decide to design it, one thing is for sure — there is no limit to their imagination!

Enjoy baking and eating this sweet treat using this Chocolate Bark Recipe.

Make baking fun for kids especially this holiday season so you will have more time to bond with your family and showcase the essence and spirit of the holiday season.

Bookmark this site so you can visit these recipes whenever you need them and enjoy a merry, and delicious Christmas with your family!

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