20 Easy Art Projects for Toddlers

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers

Are you looking for easy art projects for toddlers? You came to the right place! Here is a series of fun and engaging activities you and your little ones can enjoy.

These projects are designed to be easy and accessible, with materials that are easy to find and use. With a focus on creativity and self-expression, these projects are perfect for helping toddlers develop their artistic skills and creativity.

We have art projects for every child’s interests. Get started on some easy art projects with your toddler today!

Pencil Stamps Craft Project

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Pencil Stamps Craft Project
Photo from Momtastic

Looking for a kid-friendly and simple art project? Give pencil stamps art a try! This activity is ideal for children and involves only a few supplies: pencils, erasers, and paint. Your children will love using pencils as stamps to make their patterns and designs.

This is a fantastic way to exercise creativity and fine motor skills. Try it and watch your children’s creations!

For more details, visit Momtastic.

Paint Blowing With Straws

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Paint Blowing With Straws
Photo from Little Bins for Little Hands

Blow painting is a fun activity that kids can enjoy at home or in the classroom. Have your child choose a color and use the straw to blow the paint onto the paper. Encourage them to experiment with different techniques, such as blowing gently or with more force, to create different patterns. For added fun, you can cut the straw into different shapes using scissors. This will allow your child to create unique patterns and designs with their blow painting.

Learn more about this project by visiting Little Bins for Little Hands

Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft
Photo from The Suburban Mom

The Tissue Paper Rainbow Craft project is a fun way to add color and creativity to your kids’ day. This activity is ideal for toddlers and involves a few materials, including tissue paper in various colors, glue, and scissors. Your young children will enjoy tearing the tissue paper and sticking it together to make their rainbow masterpieces.

Additionally, this project is an excellent method to improve color recognition and fine motor skills. Try it and watch what gorgeous rainbows your toddlers can make!

For more detailed information about this project, check out The Suburban Mom.

Milk Caps And Lids Squish Painting

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Milk Caps And Lids Squish Painting
Photo from A Little Pinch of Perfect 

Milk caps do not need to end up in the trash immediately! Instead, use them to inspire your toddlers to express their ideas and visualize what they can create! Imagination helps boost kids’ creative and cognitive development. Knowing what to do and what they would want to accomplish as they stamp the milk caps on paper will have immeasurable benefits!

For more ideas on this craft, visit A Little Pinch of Perfect.

Straw Fireworks

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Straw Fireworks
Photo from Surebonder 

This craft is a fun and creative activity for children that involves painting techniques to create a firework-like effect. It encourages originality and pride in their artwork, and may even improve their painting skills.

Check out Surebonder for more details.

Spaghetti Painting

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Spaghetti Painting
Photo from Art and Craft for Babies 

Get ready for a fun and messy art activity with our spaghetti painting project! Perfect for toddlers, this activity is excellent for developing their creativity and fine motor skills. Your little ones will have a blast using spaghetti as paintbrushes to create unique patterns and designs on paper. To make clean-up easier, protect your surfaces by laying out newspapers or a drop cloth before starting the project.

Visit Art and Craft for Babies to know more.

Handprint Caterpillar Craft

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Handprint Caterpillar Craft
Photo from The Soccer Mom Blog

This craft is a unique and fun way for children to explore their creativity. Your little ones will enjoy seeing their handprints transformed into cute, crawling caterpillars. This activity is also an excellent opportunity for children to learn about insects and their characteristics. In a classroom setting, creating a large caterpillar with each child’s handprints can make for a fun and interactive school craft project.

See how The Soccer Mom Blog did this project.

Shaving Cream Marbling Craft

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Shaving Cream Marbling Craft
Photo from Hands-On Teaching Ideas

Shaving cream marbling craft is an engaging and easy activity for toddlers. It’s a great way to introduce young children to the concepts of color mixing and artistic expression. To complete this craft, you will need a tray, shaving cream, and paint or food coloring.

Simply spread a layer of shaving cream in the tray, add a few drops of paint or food coloring, and use a toothpick or wooden skewer to swirl the colors together. Then, press a piece of paper or cardstock onto the shaving cream to pick up the marbled design. Once finished, simply wipe off the shaving cream and enjoy the beautiful marbled creations.

For more details about this project, visit Hands-On Teaching Ideas.

Cardboard Tube Bunny In The Grass

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Cardboard Tube Bunny In The Grass
Photo from TP Craft

A fun and easy craft idea for kids is the “Cardboard Tube Bunny in the Grass”! This cute craft creates a rabbit sitting in a grass field using inexpensive materials like a cardboard tube, construction paper, and googly eyes. It is simple to make, encourages creativity, and develops fine motor skills in young children. Give it a try, and watch your kids happily create their rabbit artwork!

For more information, check out TP Craft.

Fork Stamped Tulips Craft

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Fork Stamped Tulips Craft
Photo from Toddler At Play

This fork-stamp tulip craft is a fun and unique art activity for toddlers and preschoolers. It allows them to learn that almost anything can be used as a tool for creating art and opens a new level of creativity. Using a fork to create tulip patterns produces beautiful and intricate designs. It’s also a great experience for them. The best part is that this craft requires minimal materials and can be done quickly and easily.

Learn more about this art at Toddler At Play.

Blot Art Hearts

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Blot Art Hearts
Photo from The Artful Parent

Symmetry painting, also known as blot art, is an easy and entertaining art project that young children will love. The process involves folding a piece of paper in half, adding a few drops of paint on one side, folding the paper over, and pressing it. The result is a symmetrical design that will delight your child as they unfold the masterpiece. It encourages creativity, and it’s an easy way to expose them to the concept of symmetry. Give it a try and see your little one’s excitement as they reveal their one-of-a-kind artwork.

Learn more from The Artful Parent.

Cotton Pad Art

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Cotton Pad Art
Photo from Happy Hooligans

Cotton pad art is a fun and engaging activity for toddlers to explore their creativity and artistic side. It’s a simple project that only requires a few materials, such as watercolors, a medicine dropper, and cotton pads. The dropper allows easy control of the watercolor, while the cotton pads help create unique textures and designs.

It’s a perfect way to keep them engaged and entertained with minimal setup. Moreover, this messy and fun activity helps in their fine motor development. Give it a try with your toddler and see the creativity unfold!

See how Happy Hooligans did this project.

Painting with Wheels

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Painting With Wheels
Photo from Artful Parent 

Painting with wheels is a fun and engaging activity for toddlers to explore the creative process while developing their fine motor skills. It also creates an opportunity to bond and create something unique.

To start, it is essential to set up a work area by covering it with a large sheet of paper or a drop cloth to protect surfaces and make clean-up easy. Next, fill disposable trays with a small amount of paint and place them on the paper. Then, invite your toddler to select a toy car or other small vehicle and begin rolling it through the paint. As they move the car around, the wheels will pick up the paint and create a unique design on the paper.

It’s a fun, messy, and worth it activity. Enjoy the process with your toddlers, and share your masterpiece with your friends and family!

For more detailed info about this project, check out Artful Parent.

Watercolor Resist Art with Oil Pastels

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Watercolor Resist Art With Oil Pastels
Photo from Artful Parent

Watercolor resist art with oil pastels is a fun and easy art technique that produces beautiful and unique results!

To create this art, have your child draw a design on a piece of paper using oil pastels. The wax in the oil pastel will resist the watercolors, creating a vibrant and colorful effect. Next, use a brush and watercolors to paint the design. This art technique encourages creativity, experimentation with color, and the concept of resist art.

It’s a fun and engaging project that can be done with minimal materials and can result in some stunning artwork. Give it a try and see the results for yourself!

Check out Artful Parent for more details.

Pasta Necklace

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Pasta Necklace
Photo from Pink Stripey Socks

The pasta art necklace activity is a great craft for children of all ages. It’s a great way to pass the time on a rainy day or to alleviate boredom. The project is simple and inexpensive, making it a great way to encourage your child’s creativity.

You only need pasta, paint, and a string or ribbon to start. Children can paint the pasta in any color they like and then thread it together to create a unique necklace. This activity is not only fun, but it also develops their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s a quick and easy project that they will enjoy making and wearing.

Learn more from Pink Stripey Socks.

Create An Apple Tree

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Create An Apple Tree
Photo from Simple Every Day Mom

Apples hold a special significance for young children, not only because they are a delicious fruit, but because they are usually the representation of the first letter of the alphabet – Letter A!

Let your toddlers express their fondness for apples by guiding them to create an apple tree artwork. This activity allows them to be creative and have fun while also learning about the life cycle of plants. It could be a simple but fun craft project that uses basic materials and can be done with minimal supervision.

Not only is it educational, but is also creative and enjoyable for your tots.

Simple Every day Mom shows you more.

Leaf Painting

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Leaf Painting
Photo from The Best Ideas for Kids

Leaf painting and printing is a simple and engaging art activity that can be done with children of all ages. Encourage them to experiment with different colors and brushstrokes to create their leaf paintings.

You can also try leaf printing by placing the leaves on the paper and gently pressing them down. This technique can produce interesting textures and patterns that children will enjoy exploring. With some creativity and flexibility, it’s easy to come up with a variety of leaf painting and printing techniques. Not only it’s fun, but it can also be a great way to teach them about the importance of nature, textures, and patterns.

For more ways to make this craft, visit The Best Ideas for Kids.

Butterfly Craft

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Butterfly Craft
Photo from A Matter Of Style

Butterflies represent change and freedom. Inspire your tots to create this cute butterfly by using the simplest materials. This craft, once done, will also help encourage your little ones to run around and exercise as they play with this masterpiece in the garden.

Check out A Matter Of Style for more details about this project.

Painting In The Rain

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Painting In The Rain
Photo from Little Page Turners 

Painting is a wonderful tool for toddlers to explore color and learn about different art processes. The painting in the rain craft is an exciting activity that allows them to witness the beauty of nature and how it can inspire art. This activity is perfect for encouraging creativity and experimentation, and it is especially ideal for children who may be less inclined to paint indoors.

To begin, you could show them an example of the finished craft and explain how even something as simple as rain can create beautiful and unique art. This activity is an excellent opportunity to talk about weather and nature and how they can inspire creativity.

Learn more from Little Page Turners.

Can the Art Projects for Toddlers be Adapted for Block Activities?

Yes, art projects for toddlers can easily be adapted for creative block activities toddlers. By incorporating building blocks into art projects, toddlers can explore different textures, shapes, and colors in a hands-on way. This allows them to develop their creativity and fine motor skills while having fun.

Fruit and Vegetable Prints

Easy Art Projects For Toddlers - Fruit And Vegetable Prints
Photo from First Palette  

Try making intriguing designs on paper with fruits and veggies! They can combine various fruits and vegetables to create eye-catching images or use them to make random prints. Kids can explore various forms, textures, and colors in this way, and it’s a terrific way to introduce them to the art of printmaking.

Check out  First Palette for more information about this craft.

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