13 Kids Activities at Home

13 Kids Activities At Home

13 Kids Activities at Home

Staying at home shouldn’t have to be boring and sad. If anything, it is a great chance to bond with your family whether it be with the little ones or even the older kids. There’s so much you can do apart from the routine of sleeping and eating.

As parents, it is our job to make sure that staying at home remains exciting for the kids. There are plenty of fun indoor activities, board games, and indoor games that you can enjoy while also learning and discovering fun new things.

So, the next time you’re stuck inside your home on a rainy day or simply because it’s the weekend and you have nothing to do, don’t despair! Play is the foundation of all learning. Bust boredom for good with this list of creative DIYs and fun kids activities at home that they will love to do.

Art As An Expression

Kids Activities At Home
Photo from Vlinder Expressive Arts Therapy

Bring out your art and crafting tools and home recycled materials such as empty plastic bottles, egg trays, and old clothes. Giving the kids the chance to draw, color, and paint will allow them to express themselves and have fun. You can use different tools and materials to keep your kids curious and enhance their creativity. Try watching some online drawing lessons from the Art for Kids Hub.

DIY Indoor Concert

Kids Activities At Home
Photo from Drumstars

Make music with pots and pans. Give your kids a big wooden or metal spoon and let them channel their inner talent. Although it may seem like they are just pounding and making obnoxious music, they’re also developing their gross motor skills by recognizing sounds, rhythms, patterns, and musical intonation. Learn how to prepare for their concert here.

Read Books Together

Kids Activities At Home
Photo from inc.com

Have your little one choose a book and read it together. Sing, act, be comical, cry, exaggerate! Bring the story characters alive with different expressions and voices. In addition, creating a storytelling and reading routine can instill their love for books and give you time to bond with them.

Do A Science Experiment

Kids Activities At Home
Photo from Today’s Parents

What’s cool about science is that it explains what’s happening around us. Kids can do this activity at home with everyday household items to learn how science is connected to the real world. Sate their curiosity with these easy science experiments for kids of all ages.

Move It!

Kids Activities At Home
Photo from Intermountain Healthcare

Physical activities will help kids release any form of pent-up energy and build focus. Encourage them to play, dance, or step out for a walk. If stepping outside is not an option, kids can do some simple exercises and games to play at home like hide-and-seek, jumping jacks, or Simon says. You can also pick some of your kids’ favorite tunes to play and turn up the volume. Ask them to move around and freeze in whatever position they find themselves in when the music stops.

Water Play

Kids Activities At Home
Photo from Picklebums

Dive into creative water activities that can be played indoors or in the backyard with your kids. Give your kids a bucket of water, some cups, and toys and they will have the time of their day splashing water around. It is a fantastic way to cool off on a hot, sunny day and learn some valuable skills too. Water play is also perfect for toddlers because it helps develop their sensory skills. These simple water activities will keep the little kids entertained and learning for hours!

Encourage Them to Fix Things

Kids Activities At Home
Photo from Sugru

Have them try fixing their broken toys. This will help them see how those things are made and how it works. Go ahead, and have them take apart old things that are safe. Such activities for kids can be a great way to get them curious. Keep them occupied with this fun challenge.

Make An Indoor Obstacle Course

Kids Activities At Home
Photo from It’s Always Autumn

If you have a large living room, you can use household items to make an indoor obstacle course. This fun activity is great for your little ones when they are smaller so you would only need enough space to create the obstacle course. Here are some ideas you can try when creating obstacle courses for your kids.

Play Dress Up

Kids Activities At Home
Photo from Kids Love to Know

Dress-up play allows kids to use their imagination, and you can even get a glimpse of what they dream or hope they may become in the future. It permits them to pretend to be someone or something different and extraordinary that reflects their character and current interests. After dressing up, get the camera and create long-lasting memories that you can share year after year!

Bake Sweets Together

Kids Activities At Home
Photo from Storey

Baking is perfect for kids who love sticking everything in their mouths. You can help them practice basic baking skills, as well as other essential skills like reading the recipes or counting with ingredients and materials. Kids can help stir, use cookie cutters, decorate, and taste tests. Learn some easy recipes you can do at home with your kids here.

DIY Memory Matching Game

Vegetable Flashcards
KiDorzo Printable Vegetable Flashcards

Develop memory skills, focus, and concentration as they play the game. This is a chance to teach your kids some techniques on how to memorize topics. Learn how it works here.

Scavenger Hunt

Kids Activities At Home
Photo from Good Housekeeping

Every kid loves a good treasure hunt. With the clues and items kids find along the way, these activities can be educational games as they will learn about different things around them. Here are some ideas on the many different ways you can play scavenger hunt at home with your kids.

Make Some Origami

Kids Activities At Home
Photo from Mum’s Little Explorers

Another fun, creative indoor craft kids can do is making origami. This art of paper folding has been around for centuries, and there are many online resources where you can find instructions for little ones to get creative. All you need is art papers in different colors. And maybe some scissors and markers too. Learn how to make them here.

There are so many kids’ activities at home! Enjoy doing them with your little ones and when one activity is over, easily move on to the next one. The only important thing to remember is to – HAVE FUN!

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