20 Positively Super Cute Patriotic Crafts for Preschoolers and Kids

20 Positively Super Cute Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers &Amp; Kids

Get ready to showcase the spirit of patriotism with a delightful collection of 20 patriotic crafts specially designed for preschoolers! These positively patriotic crafts will ignite the spark of national pride in your little ones while fostering their creativity and fine motor skills. From flag-inspired creations to star-spangled masterpieces, each craft offers a hands-on and engaging experience that allows kids to express their love for their country in an educational and great way. Let the red, white, and blue colors soar as we embark on a journey of creativity and patriotism together! Let’s create some patriotic crafts for preschoolers.

American Flag Collage

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - American Flag Collage
Photo from Kid Made Modern

Create a patriotic collage using construction paper, tissue paper, and glue. Cut out a flag shape from construction paper and let the children tear or cut red and white tissue paper to glue onto the flag. Finish with blue construction paper.

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Fireworks Painting

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Fireworks Painting
Photo from Learning 4 Kids

Find some colored paint, large sheets of paper, and cardboard tubes of different lengths. First, dip the cardboard tube into the paint and then press it onto the paper to create firework prints. You can experiment with different printing techniques to create various fireworks patterns. Remember to let the tubes dry before re-dipping them in the paint.

The activity promotes creativity, fine motor skills, and color recognition.

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Handprint Bald Eagle Patriotic Craft Ideas

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Handprint Bald Eagle Patriotic Craft Ideas
Photo from Simple Everyday Mom

Create a handprint bald eagle collage using colored cardstock or construction paper. Download and cut out the eagle template, trace your child’s hands onto brown paper, and cut them out. Glue the different parts of the eagle together, including the eye, beak, tail feathers, claws, and wings. Modify the craft for young kids by cutting out all the pieces in advance and using glue sticks instead of liquid glue.

This simple and engaging craft allows children of all ages to showcase their creativity. 

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Star-Spangled Wands Craft for Kids

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Star-Spangled Wands Craft For Kids
Photo from Coupons are Great

Create a sparkly Star-Spangled Wand perfect for celebrations. Cut out three stars from patriotic foam in red, white, and blue. Cover the blue star with blue glitter using glue, then glue the white star to the red star. Glue the blue star on top of the red and white stars and attach a wooden dowel to the back using hot glue. Finally, glue ribbon to the back of the wand for added decoration. Let it dry, and enjoy waving the wand to celebrate the Fourth of July!

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Paper Plate Liberty Crowns

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Paper Plate Liberty Crowns
Photo from Buggy and Buddy

Cut out the center of a paper plate to create a crown shape. Paint the crown with red, white, and blue stripes and glue on silver or gold glitter. Add star stickers or cut-out stars from construction paper to complete the crown.

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Patriotic Slime for Preschoolers

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Patriotic Slime For Preschoolers
Photo from The Kindergarten Connection

Mix clear glue, liquid starch, and red, white, and blue food coloring together to create a patriotic slime. Let the children knead and play with the slime, exploring its stretchy texture. This is one of these many great ideas for kids’ crafts that you should definitely try with your little ones.

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Cute Patriotic Windsocks

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Cute Patriotic Windsocks
Photo from I Heart Crafty Things

To create this patriotic windsock craft with your toddler, start by cutting out white stars and gluing them onto dark blue cardstock. Then, attach red and white crepe paper in a pattern on the bottom of the cardstock. Next, bend the windsock into a circle and staple the ends together. Finally, add a red paper strip handle for hanging and watch the windsock spin in the breeze.

It’s a fun and easy craft that your toddler will love creating for the Fourth of July!

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4th of July Firework Salt Painting

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - 4Th Of July Firework Salt Painting
Photo from Busy Mommy Media

Use glue to draw firework blast shapes on black construction paper. Sprinkle salt over the glue, then drip watercolors onto the salt. Watch as the colors spread and create a beautiful effect.

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Super Cute Popsicle Stick American Flag Crafts

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Super Cute Popsicle Stick American Flag Crafts
Photo from Kids Activity Blog

Arrange popsicle sticks horizontally and vertically to create the American flag pattern. Paint the sticks with red and white stripes, leaving the top left corner for blue. Add white star stickers or paint white stars on the blue section.

Have a great time making patriotic crafts for preschoolers and enjoy every moment spent crafting with your toddlers on the Fourth of July.

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Patriotic Paper Lanterns Art Projects

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Patriotic Paper Lanterns Art Projects
Photo from A Little Pinch of Perfect

Another creative patriotic craft to try is this paper lantern. Cut out strips of red, white, and blue construction paper. Connect the ends of the strips to form circles, then glue or staple them together to create lantern shapes. Hang the lanterns with string or ribbon.

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Fun Summer Activities for Kids – Firework Rings

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Fun Summer Activities For Kids - Firework Rings
Photo from Fantastic Fun and Learning

To create these awesome firework rings, gather five tinsel stems of the same color and fold them in half, allowing enough room for your child’s finger to slide through. Then, wrap a sixth tinsel stem of the same color around it to keep the loop intact. The next step is to simply spread out the tinsel stems so they would look like fireworks. Create as many as you like and choose the colors of the 4th of July celebrations — red, blue, and silver — and have your child wear multiple firework rings on their fingers during the holiday!

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Uncle Sam Hats

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Uncle Sam Hats
Photo from Simply Full of Delight

Cut out hat shapes from blue construction paper and attach white paper stripes. Decorate the hats with star stickers or by drawing stars. Add a white beard made from cotton balls and attach elastic string or ribbon to wear the hats.

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Flag Handprint Craft

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Flag Handprint Craft
Photo from Our Kid Things

Paint a child’s hand with red and white stripes and press it onto a piece of paper to create the flag stripes. Add blue to the bottom of the hand and use white paint or star stickers to complete the flag design.

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Favorite Patriotic Crafts – Pinwheels

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Favorite Patriotic Crafts - Pinwheels
Photo from My Nourished Home 

You can also ask your kids to make these awesome pinwheels, perfect for Independence Day, Flag Day, or Veteran’s Day celebrations. Simply secure some red, white, and blue paper. Fold each square diagonally from corner to corner, then make four cuts towards the center, stopping about an inch away. Fold every other corner to the center and secure with a brad or pushpin.

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Balloon Fireworks

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Balloon Fireworks
Photo from Itsy Belle

Create a festive Fourth of July parade wagon using twisted balloons and a pool noodle. Inflate the twisted balloons and twist them together to form firework shapes. Attach the balloons to a thin pool noodle secured to the sides of a wagon. Decorate the wagon with additional accessories like American flags. This DIY project is a fun and creative way to celebrate Independence Day.

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Patriotic Friendship Bracelets

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Patriotic Friendship Bracelets
Photo from Olga’s Macrame

Cut strips of red, white, and blue yarn or embroidery floss. Braid the strands together and tie knots at the ends to create patriotic friendship bracelets. Kids can make this fun and easy 4th of July or Memorial Day craft!

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Star-Spangled Banners

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Star-Spangled Banners
Photo from Spell Binders Blog

Kids love using paper when engaging in craft activities. For this flag day craft, start by cutting out star shapes from red, white, and blue construction paper. String the stars onto a piece of yarn or ribbon, alternating colors, to create a banner. Hang the banner as an adorable decoration and keepsake.

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Patriotic Color Sorting

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Patriotic Color Sorting
Photo from Hands On As We Grow

Create a patriotic color sorting sensory bag for your toddler using red and blue materials. Fill a sealable bag with vibrant colors, such as colored rice or pompoms. Encourage children to sort the colors while discussing the significance of red and blue about the patriotic holiday.

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Chalk Pastel Art

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Chalk Pastel Art
Photo from Projects with Kids

Create vibrant 4th of July chalk pastel art with kids using star templates. Cut and arrange stars on black paper, draw thick lines around them using red, white, and blue chalk pastels, then smudge the colors with fingers or other tools. Remove the templates to reveal the design. Use this work of art as decor for your 4th of July celebration.

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Baking Soda Science

Patriotic Crafts For Preschoolers - Baking Soda Science
Photo from Little Bins for Little Hands

Engage young kids in a fun 4th of July science activity using cookie cutters. Fill the cookie cutters with baking soda, add colored vinegar using an eyedropper, and observe the chemical reaction. Discuss colors and enjoy the fizzing and swirling effects. Simple and exciting preschool science for any occasion!

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These 20 crafts and activities will surely ignite the spirit of patriotism in your little ones and will inspire their creative ideas while nurturing their fine motor skills. Through these super fun creations, they learn and celebrate the beauty and values of the country. So, be sure to take a look at all these craft ideas and get your materials ready!

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