20 Easy and Fun Beach Crafts for Toddlers

20 Easy And Fun Beach Crafts For Toddlers

How important are arts and crafts to children?

Studies show that children who engage in arts and crafts early can easily develop the necessary skills to reach a well-rounded mental and physical state. Daycare and nursery schools are boosters! They hone skills such as problem-solving, self-expression, and fine motor skills. 

To spur our little tots to be creative, let us make them do projects they will not say no to! And since the beach is always an exciting place for them, let us occupy their time with these easy and fun beach crafts for toddlers that will surely spark their interest.

Tissue and Paper Plate Beach Ball Craft

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Tissue And Paper Plate Beach Ball Craft 
Image from Glued To My Crafts 

Make sure your beach escapade with your little ones is complete with the perfect beach ball!

Let us start our beach crafts with this colorful and easy-to-make ball made of ordinary tissue paper and a paper plate! Sticking the tissue to the plate will be effortless, but the outcome will be a thrill for your toddler! After combining bright and happy colors, this ball will surely excite your little ones to continue crafting and exploring!

For more details about this craft, visit Glued to My Crafts.

Summer Paper Plate Craft

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Summer Paper Plate Craft 
Image from Happy Home Fairy 

When you say beach and summer, what comes to mind? The SUN! Let us create a bright and happy sun using a paper plate! This craft will develop your toddler’s imagination and color identification.

This may be a simple craft, but the payoff is immeasurable!

Learn more by visiting the Happy Home Fairy.

Sand Paper Castle

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Sand Paper Castle 
Image from I Heart Crafty Things  

No time to head off to the beach to give your toddlers a breather? Relax, bring out the art stuff, and let them have the next best thing! Until they ask for real sand to build their castle with, that is! But until then, challenge them to make the best sand castle they can using art materials you have at home, just like this sand “paper” castle!

Check out our collection of Castle Crafts for Toddlers.

Check out I Heart Crafty Things for more details.

Egg Carton Ocean Craft

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Egg Carton Ocean Craft 
Photo from The Imagination Tree 

Pebbles and seashells are great beach finds for kids! Why not use some of their treasures from your most recent beach vacation to create a small underwater scene in old egg cartons? This is also a fantastic method to learn about sea creatures while creating an imaginative, tiny world to play with.

Learn more about this craft by visiting The Imagination Tree.

Handprint Fish

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Handprint Fish 
Photo from Fun Handprint Art Blog

Here’s an effortless, hassle-free craft that will spark your toddler’s logical ability and design! Let them form and color the fish as they please, and be amazed at how their ideas can soar!

Plus, this beach craft for toddlers uses their handprints, and nothing is more endearing than an artwork of your tiny tot’s hands up on your bedroom wall.

For more details, visit the Fun Handprint Art Blog.

Toilet Paper Roll Crab Beach Craft

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Toilet Paper Roll Crab Beach Craft 
Photo from Hunny I’m Home

Want something more unique for your beach projects with your kids? Why not make this cute crab craft out of a toilet paper roll?

This adorable beach project for kids is the ideal way to enjoy the beach from the comfort of your home. Using familiar craft materials like TP rolls, colored paper, pipe cleaners, some googly eyes, and a set of toothpicks, you’ll be able to create these adorable crabs in no time!

For more detailed information about this craft, visit Hunny I’m Home.

Rainbow CD Fish Suncatcher

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Rainbow Cd Fish Suncatcher 
Photo from Silly Fish Learning

These shiny floating fish from the beach will make fun toys for your little ones!

Hang them on tree branches or inside their bedrooms. Watch them create different games as they try to catch the fish swimming above them. Toddlers will enjoy viewing their creations as the rainbow CD fish suncatcher reflects light and dances from the ceiling!

For more details, visit Silly Fish Learning.

Jellyfish Cupcake Liner Craft

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Jellyfish Cupcake Liner Craft 
Photo from Easy Peasy and Fun

Jellyfish are aquatic creatures that are amazing to see, but be extra cautious when they come close to your tots!

To keep your young ones from their curiosity about jellyfish, make these adorable jellyfish cupcake liner crafts instead. By creating this craft, you can enhance their imagination and creativity.

This can also be a great way to remind them of a valuable lesson—that jellyfish are not to be touched when found on beaches or in the ocean.

Check out Easy Peasy and Fun for details.

Shark Craft

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Shark Craft 
Photo from Ellie and Edmond

Pretend play fosters children’s creativity and mental growth, reinforcing social skills and building vocabulary and memory. This is why we love crafts that kids can use for imaginative play!

This shark craft will spark a thrill for our toddlers. It is super simple and easy to create, but it will bring big fun for the little ones!

Plus, it uses an empty can—a great way to reinforce the idea of recycling with your toddlers.

Visit Ellie and Edmond for more information about this craft.

Handprint Crab Craft

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Handprint Crab Craft 
Photo from 2 Paws Design

Here is a simple yet fun painting that will calm your little one!

Super straightforward, simply paint your child’s hand and create mirror image prints, let dry, and attach googly eyes on the thumbs. Don’t forget to smile at it!

For more details, visit 2 Paws Design.

Beach Umbrella Craft

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Beach Umbrella Craft 
 Photo from Because I Said So and Other Mommyisms

On the beach, where the sun is high, we always need to bring an umbrella! Make sure you are always ready with the cutest sun protector!

This craft is super simple but will occupy your little one for some time. Watch them cutely parade around using their self-made umbrellas after!

Learn more about this craft in Because I Said So and Other Mommyisms.

Sea Creatures Tin Cans

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Sea Creatures Tin Cans 
Photo from Crafts by Amanda

Are you planning a beach trip soon? Then, before you go, make these sea creature tin can crafts with your little ones!

These recycled cans will bring out the artist in your children! Give them a free hand to paint the sea character of their choice on these tin cans and watch their imagination soar!

They will surely love creating sand castles with these when you go to the beach!

For more details, visit  Crafts by Amanda.

Seashell Painting

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Seashell Painting 
Photo from Sixth Bloom

Photo from Sixth Bloom

Painting seashells is soothing and relaxing for our tots! The mixing of colors and hues will spark curiosity and wonder! They can even create a conversation piece or collector’s item!

See how Sixth Bloom did this activity.

Ocean in a Bottle Craft

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Ocean In A Bottle Craft 
Photo from All Kids Network

Every child would want an aquarium! So if your toddler is eager to have pets, this will be a fun activity to help them start their pet-owner journey before you go and get them the real ones!

Urge your toddlers to play pretend by asking them if they have fed their pet fish already! Your toddler can care for more fish and pets in a bigger bottle!

Arts and crafts are indeed a great tool to engage your children and help develop love, loyalty, and affection as they care for their pretend pet fish!

Learn more about this craft at All Kids Network.

Paper Plate Fish Craft

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Paper Plate Fish Craft 
Photo from Hunny I’m Home

This colorful fish art project will spark children’s cognitive and visual development. It will help them with color identification and hone their fine motor skills. Plus, you get to put cupcake liners to good use! The finished crafts are so adorable that your little ones will proudly display them.

For more details about this craft, visit Hunny I’m Home.

Plastic Cover Sailboats

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Plastic Cover Sailboats 
Photo from Five Little Chefs

The sea needs a boat, or the boat needs the sea!

This fun sailboat will be set to sea by your little ones in a pretend vast sea. There is never a dull moment with pretend play! Pretend play fosters suitable learning methods like imagination and creativity. And on the side, kids will also learn about what they like and what they can do! Sail on, little one!

For more information about this craft, check out Five Little Chefs.

Beach Scene Rock Painting

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Beach Scene Rock Painting  
Photo from Crafts on Sea

What do you love most about the beach? A simple question with an array of answers! To make the activity more thrilling, hand your toddlers a box of stones and coloring materials! Get their response and ask them to draw what they love most on a stone!

Imagination, color identity, and shape formation are but a few of the skills that this activity will foster!

For more details, visit Crafts on Sea.

Ocean Shoebox

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Ocean Shoebox 
Photo from Plaid Online

Play nursery rhymes and songs from their favorite movies as they practice and improve their imaginative play and creativity! Hand them the biggest shoebox so they can have more fish and sea creatures in their make-believe aquarium.

Your kids will surely enjoy creating this ocean diorama!

Visit Plaid Online for more details about this craft.

Mini Beach Craft

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Mini Beach Craft 
Photo from First Palette

Here is yet another craft project that your child will adore. On a paper plate, assemble a little beach scene with clay, sand, and a jelly ocean. Include other things you enjoy seeing at the beach, such as beach umbrellas, fish, and other sea life.

Visit First Palette for more details about this craft.

Are Beach Crafts and Frog Crafts Equally Suitable for Toddlers?

Beach crafts and fun frog crafts for toddlers both offer engaging and age-appropriate activities. While beach crafts encourage creativity with sand and seashells, fun frog crafts for toddlers provide an opportunity for learning and sensory exploration. Both options are equally suitable for toddlers and can offer a fun and educational experience.

Salt Dough Starfish Craft

Beach Crafts For Toddlers - Salt Dough Starfish Craft 
Photo from The Crafting Chicks

Make some super-cute starfishes using a simple salt dough recipe. Creating these starfishes will develop patience and anticipation in your kids as they have to wait patiently for the dough to be ready and for their starfish to dry.

This is a great fine motor activity; you can paint your starfishes when they dry.

For more information about this craft, visit The Crafting Chicks.

Engaging in beach crafts for toddlers is an excellent way to develop their creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills. These crafts can also help children learn about sea creatures and the beach environment. From making tissue and paper plate beach balls to creating salt dough starfish, there are plenty of fun and easy beach crafts that you can do with your little ones. These crafts not only provide a fun activity for your child but also create a bonding experience between you and your child.

So, the next time you head to the beach, don’t forget to bring along some art supplies and try out these exciting beach crafts for toddlers!

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