20 Enjoyable Castle Crafts for Kids

20 Castle Crafts For Kids

Princesses and knights living in castles are a favorite part of many famous children’s plays, movies, and books. I’m pretty sure that at some point, your child has expressed wanting to be a pretty little princess with a beautiful tiara or a brave knight with a shiny sword!

Why not help them be royalties in their homes with these castle crafts for kids?

1. Recycled Cardboard Castle

Castle Crafts For Kids - Recycled Cardboard Castle
Photo from Kix Cereal

Make a cardboard castle out of a cardboard box or any cardboard-made container. This is a simple and entertaining activity for kids that can be used to encourage imaginative play. On the front of the box, draw the windows and doors. Then, help them cut out the windows with a cutter keeping the bottom of the door connected to the box so it opens like a drawbridge. After tracing all cutouts of the cardboard, assembled it all and then your child can start painting the castle walls and towers.

For the full tutorial, click here.

2. Castle Photo Frame

Castle Crafts For Kids - Castle Photo Frame
Photo from Stamp n Design

Let the memories of your little princess last a long time with this castle photo frame craft! You can display it in your child’s room or any room so you can easily see the adorable photos of your princess whenever you want. You can even put the pictures in a glass frame to complete the look.

To find out more about this craft, check this link.

3. Sand Paper Sand Castle

Castle Crafts For Kids - Sand Paper Sand Castle
Photo from All Kids Network

This special sandcastle project is a good summer activity for kids to create before or after visiting the beach. Bringing the beach indoors is also a fun activity your kids will love. You can use this activity to review or practice learning shapes in addition to having fun making your sandcastle craft.

Check the full guide via this link.

4. Paper Castle Craft

Castle Crafts For Kids - Paper Castle Craft
Photo from Instructables

In this fun activity, you make a castle out of scraps of paper or other household items. Paper castles are simple cut-and-glue art crafts that kids will love to do. This can be done by using construction paper, scissors, tape, glue, and any other paper materials you have in your home. There is no limit to what shape and form your child’s paper castle may end up in when you bring out their unique creativity.

For the full tutorial on this craft, follow this link.

5. Castle Decor

Castle Crafts For Kids - Castle Decor
Photo from Prima

These cute castle decors are made of rolled cardboard or empty tissue paper core and decorated with attractive bold prints. These are like little hanging charms that your child can hang around their rooms or play areas.

You can check how to recreate this castle craft over here.

6. DIY Castle Building Blocks

Castle Crafts For Kids - Diy Castle Building Blocks
Photo from Frugal Fun

Build your castle with these wooden building block playsets! Children will enjoy this endlessly entertaining and handcrafted project for hours. It’s also quite simple and inexpensive to make. Although this construction block set is simple and does not need expert carpentry abilities, there are several ways to play with it!

Start with some wooden blocks (like this) and add some figurines (like this) to create a fun environment for your kids. Learn more about how to make this DIY castle-building block here.

7. DIY Big Box Castle Play

Castle Crafts For Kids - Diy Big Box Castle Play
Photo from From Scratch with Maria

Some boxes and a little ingenuity are all you need to construct a big cardboard castle from appliance packaging. If you haven’t already, start saving oatmeal canisters, milk cartons, or other tall and big boxes. These materials are perfect for castle construction and other kid-friendly projects.

For the full tutorial, click here.

8. Wallpaper Castle

Castle Crafts For Kids - Wall Paper Castle
Photo from Parents

Kids can easily do this castle craft activity. All you need is a blank wall, adhesive, scissors, and colored paper. The kids can do cut-outs, trace big castle wall chunks, and glue them on the wall. It is a good alternative to having them write on it with markers.

See more ideas here.

9. Play Castle Made of Blankets

Castle Crafts For Kids - Toilet Paper Roll Ice Castle
Photo from Fleece Fun

Playing pretend games is a favorite of many children. With this castle craft, they can pretend to be princes and princesses as they enjoy their castle made from blankets. It only requires any cloth material or a blanket and a box! You can even use a card table for the primary form of the castle.

Learn how to achieve this through this link.

10. Plastic Bottle Castle Crafts

Castle Crafts For Kids - Plastic Bottle Castle Crafts
Photo from DIY Crafts Blog

One of the best ways to recycle bottles is to make them into decorative and playful crafts for kids. With some glue, paint, and your trusty scissors, you can help your kids create different castle designs in various shapes and colors.

Click here to find out how it’s done.

11. Interlocking Cardboard Castle

Castle Crafts For Kids - Interlocking Cardboard Castle
Photo from Mer Mag Blog

Make an interlocking castle out of a recycled cardboard box. It is as easy as tracing out castle shapes and combining the two parts. Your castle comes apart into two easy pieces and can be simply stored and assembled. With a little bit of imagination, you can also create dungeons and libraries and even create miniature soldiers, horses, and dragons to complete the set!

To find out more about this craft, click here.

12. Printable Castle Craft

Castle Crafts For Kids - Printable Castle Craft
Photo from Make Time Together Blog

Printable Castles are more like a coloring book page rolled and tilted up. Choose a black and white lined-out castle drawing and have kids color it with a crayon or colored pencils. Then roll up the finished page and tape it on the seams to keep it standing. Voila! A castle craft of your kid’s unique design!

For more details about this craft, click here.

13. Photo Booth Castle

Castle Crafts For Kids - Photo Booth Castle
Photo from Instructables

Photo booths have become a permanent fixture at parties lately. This photo booth castle craft is perfect for a kid’s party with a castle or medieval theme. You can pop up big painted cardboard boxes that are castle-inspired and make them a backdrop for photo snaps during the party. It will also serve as a great memory for the party.

For more ideas about this craft, click this link.

14. Popsicle Stick Castle

Castle Crafts For Kids - Popsicle Stick Castle
Photo from Daily Messes

Popsicle sticks are very fun craft items for kids. Popsicle sticks can help you create almost anything with glue and paints. No wonder why it’s also an amazing material to create your next castle craft project with! Check out some Christmas popsicle stick ideas here.

To find out how you can create a castle for your kids using popsicle sticks, click here.

15. Food Castles

Castle Crafts For Kids - Food Castles
Photo from Mommy Magistra on Pinterest

Plenty of moms (and dads) go the extra mile to not only make their food taste great but also look awesome. If you’re running out of ideas for your next food art design, then it’s time you try building a food castle for your little ones! Of course, you can also invite your kids to join in on the fun and let them design their food castles, too!

16. Paper Cup Castle

Castle Crafts For Kids - Paper Cup Castle
Photo from iHeartCraftyThings

If you have some paper or red solo cups at home, then try this paper cup castle craft with your kids. If the cups are white, you and your child can have fun coloring and designing them. Once completed, you can use miniature toys as castle people and have fun playing pretend and telling stories about kings, queens, princes, princesses, and even knights.

For the tutorial on this craft, click here.

17. Clay Castle Craft

Castle Crafts For Kids - Clay Castle Craft
Photo from Eleanor Hendriks

This activity can be a little tricky for your kids. But with your help and the right tools, you and your child will have so much fun as you tackle the challenge of creating a cool clay castle. It will surely be a proud moment for you and your kid to complete this craft!

To get started on recreating this clay castle craft, click here.

18. Castle Lap Book

Castle Crafts For Kids - Castle Lap Book
Photo From Little White Schoolhouse

If your child is ever assigned homework to create a lap book, also called a flap book, then this castle lap book idea could come in handy! The castle door cover that opens to the entries of your child’s lap book is a great design to help the kids be more excited to read what’s inside. This would be perfect if the topic is related to castles so that you can also decorate the inner pages with things you usually find in a castle – flags, swords, soldiers, crowns, a throne, and so much more!

To learn how to do a castle lap book, click this link.

19. Sugar Cube Castle Craft

Castle Crafts For Kids - Sugar Cube Castle Craft
Photo from Mama Papa Bubba

Buy your kid some boxes of sugar cubes (like these), glue, and some cardboard, and let their imagination run wild as they create sugar cube castles! You can provide them with design ideas and patterns but allowing them to create their interpretation of a castle is the real essence of this art activity with your kids.

Click here to read more inspiration about this kids’ activity.

Can the Castle Crafts for Kids be Adapted for Christmas Arts and Crafts for Preschoolers?

Absolutely! Castle crafts for kids can definitely be adapted for fun Christmas preschool crafts. By using festive colors, adding snowflakes or reindeer, and incorporating holiday themes, the castle crafts can be perfect for Christmas arts and crafts for preschoolers. Let the little ones’ creativity shine with these fun Christmas preschool crafts.

20. DIY Cardboard Castle for Your Pets

Castle Crafts For Kids - Diy Cardboard Castle For Your Pets
Photo from Charleston Crafted

Do you have pets at home? Show them some love with this DIY cardboard castle for pets. Whether it’s a dog or a cat or even a hamster, creating this fun DIY project will surely bring a warm smile to your child’s face and your pet will love it, too!

Learn how to create this fun craft via this link.

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