Fun Body Parts Toddler Activities

Body Parts Toddler Activities

Admit it, you love to play “peek-a-boo!” and “where’s your nose?” tricks on your kids, especially when they are still babies. It’s just cute how they are genuinely surprised to see you gone for a second and then back again. The nose-pulling tricks and seeing their eyes grow big from shock are just some of the many heartwarming moments you can have with your child.

It takes a few months for babies to realize that these tricks are not real; that what they see are hands and that their noses cannot be taken off their faces.

Of course, as they grow, they become more aware of these body parts. It is our job as parents to guide them in understanding what these body parts are, how they are used, and where they are on the body. Enjoy these body parts toddler activities.

When Should I Start Teaching My Toddler Body Parts?

Body Parts Toddler Activities
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Even during pregnancy, moms go to great lengths to help develop the cognitive abilities of their babies. Listening to good music, reading books, and eating healthily are just some of the things that mothers do to make sure that their baby grows safe and sound.

When it comes to teaching them about body parts, it is never too early to start. You just need to teach them consistently and with patience. You also need to teach your toddler activities that are right for them at their current age.

You can start with singing songs or just touching the body part and mentioning the names. You don’t need to receive a response, especially during the early stages. Getting things started early on is a great idea to help your child mentally grow in the right direction.

Fun Activities for Learning Body Parts with your Toddler

When they officially become toddlers, that’s when you should be more interactive with your approach to teaching them about body parts. Here are a few fun activities you can do to teach body parts to your toddlers.

Talk with Your Toddler

Talk with your toddler but don’t use baby talk.

It’s fun to use cute names for the body parts of your little one. However, if you want them to learn, you should talk to them in a more grown-up way. This avoids confusion when your toddler starts to retain the words they hear from their parents.

It is also worth noting that toddlers have a special affinity for the voices of their parents. They tend to recall and retain the words and actions that their mom and dad say and make. This makes it even more important to always talk to them in a better way especially when you teach them about their body parts.

Listen and Sing Songs

Music is one of the easiest ways to help your kids become familiar with almost anything, body parts included. This is because catchy tunes help your toddler retain the information better. Plus, they will love to sing and dance with their parents to show off those moves, too!

Some common songs are “Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes,” and “The Hokey Pokey” dance.

Read A Book

Body Parts Toddler Activities
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Reading is an important life skill you need to teach your kids as an effective development tool for language. This is also a great way to teach them about body parts.

Choose books that have accurate visuals about the parts of the body. It can also be colorful and fun.

Book reading is also a great way to bond with your kids. Making it part of your weekly routine will help encourage them to love reading as they grow up.

How Can Gluing Activities Help Toddlers Learn about Body Parts?

Fun gluing activities toddlers can be a great way to help them learn about body parts. By creating crafts that involve gluing different body part cutouts, toddlers can become familiar with the names and locations of different body parts while enjoying a fun and engaging activity.

Play Fun Learning Games

Just like singing, dancing, and reading, learning through games is also a great way to help your toddlers remember their lessons better.

There are plenty of common games you can play that teach the different parts of the body. Here are a few examples:

Simon Says

“Simon Says” is a very versatile game where you can ask your playmates to perform any action. This time your playmates will be your kids. Since you’re teaching them about body parts, you can simply ask your toddler to point at a body part – nose, ears, head, shoulders, etc.

This activity is fun and there is nothing you need to prepare for it!


Body Parts Toddler Activities
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Twister is a fun game that helps kids with their motor skills. At the same time, it also helps them identify colors. This is also a great game to teach your kids how to identify left and right body parts.

Find Your Body Part

Body Parts Toddler Activities
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Have your child lie down on a big piece of paper and draw their outline. Then you can have them draw their body parts, or you can have body parts already printed for them to stick to their body outline.

To add creativity to this activity, you can have your child color the entire body outline once they are done drawing in or pinning the body parts.

Making Body Parts with Playdough

Body Parts Toddler Activities
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Playdough is such a versatile toy. You can have fun with it for almost any kind of activity or craft with your kids. One great way to use it is for learning about body parts.

You can choose to draw an empty face or use printables of body parts to make things easier. If you can, you should laminate the paper so that the playdough can be easily removed after they are done making their playdough body parts.

Learning the different parts of the body is an important time that parents should enjoy with their kids. It should be fun, memorable, and appropriate for their age. Always remember that your kids will learn all these things at their own pace. Your roles as parents are to guide them, provide the correct information, and help make the learning process fun! Enjoy this list of fun activities to do a home with your little ones.

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