20 Easy Father’s Day Projects For Toddlers

20 Easy Father's Day Projects For Toddlers

It’s almost June, and we all know what time that is – Father’s Day!

Dad may be tough and strong, but his heart can easily melt with his kid’s slightest gesture of love. Help your kids show how much they love dad with these unique but easy Father’s Day projects for toddlers.

From DIY mugs to handprint keychains and roll-up cards, you’ll be sure to find the best craft project you and your toddler can prepare for dad’s special day.

World’s Best Dad Trophy

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - World’s Best Dad Trophy
Photo from Easy Crafts For Kids

Show your appreciation for dad on Father’s Day by awarding him a special trophy made just for him. All you need to create this easy craft is a paper cup, yellow paint, yellow construction paper, a marker, and some glue.

You can also add little trinkets to this cup craft such as candies, messages, or additional stickers and designs to make it unique gift for dad.

For the complete guide on making this DIY trophy, click here.

Sharpie Scribble Mug

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Sharpie Scribble Mug
Photo from iHeart Arts n Crafts

If dad loves drinking coffee or tea, this scribble mug is a perfect gift. All you need is a white ceramic mug, stickers for your design, and painter’s pens. Use the stickers to create your design and let your toddler scribble away! This gift is not only an adorable gift to dad but is also a creatively fun activity for your child.

For a more detailed guide, click here

Heart Dad Fingerprint Craft

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Heart Dad Fingerprint Craft
Photo from Our Kid Things

Show dad your love with this simple and sweet fingerprint heart craft. You can download any free heart template from the internet or draw it on paper. Then, have your toddler decorate the hearts with their fingerprints in different paint colors.

For the full tutorial and template, click here.

Following in My Daddy’s Shoes

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Following In My Daddy’s Shoes
Photo from Crafty Morning

This Father’s Day gift is one of the cutest ideas out there. This easy process makes a lovely keepsake for dad. Grab dad’s shoes and cover the soles with paint, making sure to use the kind of paint that can wash off later or use an old shoe that dad doesn’t use anymore. Then, stamp the sole on a piece of paper. Do the same steps for your toddler’s foot using a complementing color. After you’re done, let it dry and frame it.

For a full tutorial, click here.

DIY Handprint Keychain

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Diy Handprint Keychain
Photo from Grey House Harbor

This cute project is a guaranteed fun activity for dads and kids. This activity uses the blank Shrinky Dinks plastic sheets to create these adorable charms. Create your design with your toddler’s handprints and let them watch as it shrinks into a tiny keychain.

For a more detailed guide, click here.

Dad Rocks Paperweight

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Dad Rocks Paperweight
Photo from Crafts by Amanda

A fun project for Father’s Day is this dad rocks paperweight. It’s a perfect activity for children who love going outside and collecting little trinkets such as rocks. It’s an easy-to-make project with only a few items needed.

Create the base dough for your child and let them spell out “Dad Rocks” with the rocks they collected. A fun activity and a wonderful keepsake for dad in one creative project!

For the full tutorial, click here.

Love You to Pieces Frame

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Love You To Pieces Frame
Photo from Sippy Cup Mom

A simple and crafty way to express your appreciation for dad is by making this “Love You to Pieces” frame. To make this lovely frame, you just need a picture frame, puzzle pieces, glue, paint, card stock, and a sentimental picture of dad.

This is an easy project to get your toddler involved in so start looking for puzzle pieces and get painting!

For a detailed tutorial, click here.

Father’s Day Baseball Handprint Craft

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Father’s Day Baseball Handprint Craft
Photo from The Kindergarten Connection

Handprints of toddlers are always a heartwarming gift that any parent will love. Make it more unique by doing this Father’s Day Baseball Handprint Craft! This will especially be appreciated if your dad is a baseball fan. All you need to prepare is a baseball, ink pad, a transparent box, and ribbon to wrap it. Next, let your excited toddler cover their hands with the ink and stamp it on the baseball. Once done, they can easily wipe the ink off their hands using baby wipes.

For a full tutorial on achieving this project, check this link.

Father’s Day Printable Toolbox Craft

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Father’s Day Printable Toolbox Craft
Photo from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Is your dad a handyman? Does he love fixing stuff around the home? Then this toolbox craft is the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day! Plus, it’s super easy if you get access to a trusted printable template online. Of course, you could also create your design by simply drawing your dad’s favorite repair tools and then writing a personalized message in front.

For more details about this Father’s Day project for toddlers, visit this link.

DIY Child’s Drawing Keyring

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Diy Child’s Drawing Keyring
Photo from Messy Little Monster

A keychain fashioned from your child’s first drawings can be a treasured souvenir for Father’s Day. This keychain not only gives a personal touch, but it is also fun for toddlers to see their drawings shrink to the size of a keychain.

To learn more about achieving this fantastic craft at home, check the full tutorial here.

Popsicle Stick Roll-Up Card

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Popsicle Stick Roll-Up Card
Photo from Michaels

Would you believe that you can create a Father’s Day card out of popsicle sticks? Yes, it is possible! This roll-up card made from big popsicle sticks tells Dad all the reasons you love him. Instead of the conventional construction paper card, this should be your next Father’s Day project! Ideal for hanging in the office or placing on a desk to cheer your dad up.

Click here for more details.

Building Memories with Dad

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Building Memories With Dad
Photo from The Seasoned Mom

A heartfelt homemade present for your toddler will always be precious beyond any expensive, store-bought gifts. What’s more than that is spending quality time with your father. Turn your dad-and-child bonding moments into fun, memorable activities with this project. This ideal gift only involves a clean jar and some Legos where you can write the activities your toddler and dad can do together. When the time comes, just pick out an activity from this jar and do it together! Essentially, the real gift here is giving your dad your time. Isn’t that the greatest gift of all?

Mess-Free Painting

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Mess-Free Painting
Photo from The Best Ideas for Kids

Could it be possible to create mess-free art with your toddler? With this project, you can easily achieve it! All you must do is put washable color paints on cardboard or hard paper and then cover it with plastic. Then, have your toddler press around the plastic until the paints spread over the paper. You can then do the final touches by making sure no clump of paint remains and then let it dry. Once done, you can cut the paper out into a heart or any other shape, and voila, you have a mess-free gift for dad’s day!

For a complete guide to this project, click here.

Handprint Daddy’s Grilling Partner Keepsake

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Handprint Daddy’s Grilling Partner Keepsake
Photo from Glued to My Crafts

Are your dad’s grilled dishes the best in the world? Then give him this Father’s Day gift! You can easily download the template from the internet, or you can also draw your own. The important thing is to turn this simple card into something more meaningful with your handprint. You also promise to be dad’s grilling partner, which can be a great bonding experience.

Check out the complete guide here.

DIY Necktie Keyring

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Diy Necktie Keyring
Photo from Positively Splendid

Looking for something special to make with your kids for Father’s Day that can also be put to good use? Then try these Necktie key rings! This is the perfect project for your toddlers so Dad can bring a piece of artwork from his little ones wherever he goes!

Check the full tutorial here.

Salt Dough Handprint Bowl

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Salt Dough Handprint Bowl
Photo from Messy Little Monster

Salt dough projects are simple, and your toddler will sure have fun creating them! Plus, it’s a great keepsake that dads can display on their office desk or workstation to proudly show others that this was a gift from their little ones. It can hold coins, keys, cufflinks, and more so it’s also a functional gift.

To learn how to achieve this craft, click here.

DIY Personalized Engraved Hammer

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Diy Personalized Engraved Hammer
Photo from The Best Kids Crafts and Activities

This is an excellent choice for a Father’s Day gift for toddlers. After all, it’s always a great idea to give something personalized. Your toddlers will also be proud to accomplish something so special for dad.

Plus, this gift is so simple! All you need to do is to buy a hammer and have your toddler scribble their message on the hammer handle. You can then go over their scribbles with a wood burner to achieve the burnt writing effect.

Find out more details about this craft through this link.

Father’s Day Hero Stones

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Father’s Day Hero Stones
Photo from Crafts by Amanda

Paperweights have traditionally been popular Father’s Day gifts. Make your toddler’s gift more special by finding some nice rocks for dad. With a little bit of paint and some markers, you can guide your toddlers to write words that they believe best describe their dad. These will look awesome on dad’s desk and remind dad that his little ones are always proud of him and the traits they love.

Click this link to learn more.

Cereal Box Crown for Dad

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - Cereal Box Crown For Dad
Photo from Red Ted Art

Let dad feel like a king with this cereal box crown craft. You will not only teach your kids how to recycle using old cereal boxes, but you can also allow your child to take control of the design and unleash their creative and artistic skills.

Then, on Father’s Day, have dad wear the crown and take plenty of photos to commemorate his being king for a day. Although, we all know that dads can always be the kings in their little one’s hearts.

For the step-by-step guide on making this cereal box crown, click here.

Can the Art Projects for Toddlers be Adapted for Father’s Day?

Celebrate Father’s Day with easy art projects toddlers can do. Handprint cards, painted rocks, or simple photo frames are great options. Adapt the projects by choosing colors or themes dad loves. These activities create heartfelt gifts that dads will treasure.

“Dad, Thanks For Helping Me Grow” Plant

Father's Day Projects For Toddlers - “Dad, Thanks For Helping Me Grow” Plant
Photo from Red Ted Art

Once dad reads the words “Thanks for helping me grow,” his heart will melt. It is so rewarding for parents to have their child acknowledge their efforts in helping them grow up to be bright, strong, and humble. This gift is especially significant for dads who love to garden. After creating a flowering plant in a pot using materials like paper, glue, and old carton boxes, your child can write down things and activities that they believe have helped them grow — and that dad was able to guide them through a lot of it.

Click here to learn more about this craft.

I hope you enjoyed these Father’s Day Projects for toddlers and that they gave you somewhere to start. Don’t forget to always tell your dad that you love him and cherish all the time you get to spend with him.

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