20 Easy Things to Make for Mother’s Day

20 Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to put on your thinking cap to come up with great ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.

Whatever we give our moms will be treasured, especially if they’re homemade gifts from the little ones. Moms know how to appreciate and value all the types of loving gestures that come their way. Receiving personalized gifts created by their kid’s little hands is more than enough reason for them to treasure the gift.

Giving them something wonderful and memorable for Mother’s Day takes nothing more than the love and effort you put into the gifts.

Enjoy this list of 20 easy things to make for Mother’s Day. Choose from these beautiful, handcrafted ideas one that best suits your mother’s style and taste. And remember that at the end of the day, the effort and love you put into creating them is what matters most to mom.

Framed Flowers

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Framed Flowers
Photo from Lily Ardor

When we say Mother’s Day gift, flowers come to mind. So much so that it has become a standard gift. How can your little ones make their Mother’s Day gift more special? Try pressed, framed flowers! This craft is artistic and will show your mom that your love will not fade.

You might be thinking you won’t have enough time before Mother’s Day to dry and press your flowers on a book. Luckily, we’ve also discovered a way to do the drying and pressing process quickly while the flowers retain their color and are pressed even more thinly. The Secret? – using a microwave! That’s right. And once they’re adequately pressed, you can then stick them in between two glass frames to complete the gift. Watch your mom’s face light up once they open the box with this beautiful gift.

For the complete guide on pressing your flowers using a microwave, check here.

DIY Rainbow Clutch

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Diy Rainbow Clutch
Photo from Club Crafted

Show your bright and colorful love for mom on Mother’s Day with this DIY rainbow clutch! This should be especially easy if you have some spare round placemats that are no longer in use. If you don’t have any of those available, you can use or cut out a round piece of fabric. First, sew a zipper to one side, fold the round fabric or placemat to create a half-circle, and then sew the edges with a zipper. Then, you’ll have yourself a clutch! All that’s left is to color it with fabric-safe paint, let it dry, and your gift is ready for mom to enjoy!

For the full tutorial, click here.

DIY Fresh Flower Banner

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Diy Fresh Flower Banner
Photo from Studio DIY

Show your overflowing love for your mom this Mother’s Day with a do-it-yourself fresh-flower banner. Create this craft with love and use the flowers and colors you know your mother loves. All you need is cardboard, a wording template (download, print, and trace on the cardboard banner), and the fresh flowers your mom loves.

You can also draw the letters without a template for a more personal touch. All that’s left is to dress up nice and take family photos with your mom holding her new banner.

For the complete guide on creating this Mother’s Day banner, click here.

Mother’s Day Handprint Apron

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Mother’s Day Handprint Apron
Photo from The Craft Patch Blog

Moms love personalized gifts, especially if they come from their children’s handy work. This homemade handprint apron will hit the spot! Mom will love wearing it to cook the family dinner, and nothing is more special than that.

If you want to create this craft for your mom, all you’ll need is an apron and fabric paint. If available, heat transfer vinyl will help create the letters more professionally.

For a step-by-step guide on this craft using the heat transfer vinyl, click here.

You can simply use fabric paint to etch handprints all over your apron canvas. Use a paintbrush to write letters or any other design you want to add. There is no limit to what you can create on your apron gift. It comes from the heart and it shows your love for mom — nothing makes it more special than that.

Mother’s Day Photo Album

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Mother’s Day Photo Album
Photo from Create Craft Love

Sharing memories with mom is always a sure way to express your love, and photos are the best way to preserve these memories. Although we live in a time and age where digital photos are the norm, creating a handcrafted photo album with your most precious photos with your mom will certainly bring a different level of happiness to her on Mother’s Day.

There are plenty of photo frame templates you can purchase from your trusted craft store. What truly makes this unique will be the photos you choose, the designs you decorate around the frames, and the messages you include in the photo album. So make sure to prepare all these and think through what you want to honestly say to your mom this Mother’s Day!

For the full tutorial on how to create this photo album, click here.

Paper Heart Flowers

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Paper Heart Flowers
Photo from One Little Project

Simple and meaningful are the perfect words to describe these paper flower hearts. Your mom will undoubtedly see the effort you put into creating this craft, and that alone is already a gift in itself. Plus, these flowers will never wither and will continuously remind your mom of the time you made it for her to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The flower shape of this craft is made entirely of heart cut-outs of different colors and shapes, arranged to form flower petals and leaves. You can use the pompom for the center, but you could also go for something more personalized, like a cut-out photo of your mom, a drawing of a smiley face, or just about anything else you want to display for your mom. Stick them all on a popsicle stick and you have your flowers ready for giving on Mother’s Day.

For a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this project, click here. For more paper art crafts, check out this blog.

Clay Planter

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Clay Planter
Photo from A Beautiful Mess

Is your mom a gardening fan? Then she would surely love this colorful clay planter. The best part is she’d love it even more because you created it yourself!

This craft is super easy. All you need is a white planter the size of a small indoor plant. Then, using polymer clay with the colors of your choice, create small, pea-sized balls and place them around your planter. Flatten and smear the clay balls to create random and differently-sized petal-like shapes around the planter. To make it stick and stay in place and form, “bake” it in the oven. Once cooled, it’s done!

Check out the full tutorial of this craft here. For more clay projects, check out this clay modeling and clay castle craft.

“All About Mom” Booklet

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - “All About Mom” Booklet
Photo from Lia Griffith

One of the best ways to prove to mom that you love her is to show that you know a lot about her. Creating this “All About Mom” booklet with all the wonderful details you know about your mom will be heartwarming and beautiful. 

You can print templates of this booklet from online sources, or you can create your own by using a blank notebook and then some art materials to decorate it. Whichever way you decide to make it, what matters most is that you show love for your mom this Mother’s Day.

For the templated version of this craft, you can check this link.

DIY Superhero Mom Craft

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Diy Superhero Mom Craft
Photo from iHeart Crafty Things

Mothers are superheroes. Show your appreciation for their superhero work and love through this simple DIY superhero mom craft. It also involves chocolates, and who doesn’t love chocolates, right?

Check out this link for the full guide on recreating this DIY superhero craft.

Mother’s Day Pop Up Cards

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Mother’s Day Pop Up Cards
Photo from Aunt Annie

Want to go for something classic this Mother’s Day? Then, of course, cards are your best choice. Cards are timeless and you know your mom would keep them safe in her memory box of adorable things you’ve given her. Just add a bit of flair by making it a pop-up version!

You can scout the internet for templates you can easily download and cut out for this craft. Then again, you could make it more personal by designing it yourself!

String Art Thread and Milk Jug Necklace

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - String Art Thread And Milk Jug Necklace
Photo from Pink Stripey Socks

If you make something for your mother, she is sure to cherish it enough to wear it. This handmade necklace is made of yarn and recycled milk jugs. You not only create a special necklace for mom on Mother’s Day, but you also show her that you know and understand what it means to upcycle things and help the environment.

First, cut out circles from a cleaned and dried milk jug. Next, create slits around the edge of the circle where you can loop the yarn. Choose any yarn color that best fits your mom’s fashion and style and weave away!

For the complete guide, click here.

DIY Handprint Coasters for Mother’s Day

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Diy Handprint Coasters For Mother’s Day
Photo from Dwelling Happiness

Children’s handprints will always look adorable to moms. That is why seeing these colorful handprint coasters at the office, at home, or even while drinking a coffee or tea will bring a smile to mom’s face. That’s a heartwarming achievement from such a simple gift. If you’re up to it, choose this gift for your mom this Mother’s Day.

All you need are white tiles (you can ask dad to help you get them from the store), acrylic paints, a protective glaze, and, of course, you’ll have to be ready for your hands to get paint all over them!

Learn the whole process through this guide.

Painted Rock Garden Markers

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Painted Rock Garden Markers
Photo from Crafts by Amanda

Help your mom get the herb garden looking brighter and more colorful with these painted rock garden markers. Your mom will love replacing the old herb markers in her garden with these precious stones – precious because you handcrafted them yourself!

You need some outdoor paint, a marker for the labels, and your imagination as you decorate these rocks however you want!

Check out the complete guide and some tips on what paints to use via this link.

Easy Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Easy Yarn-Wrapped Ombre Monogrammed Letter
Photo from Catch My Party

Last-minute gift idea for Mother’s Day? This pretty yarn-wrapped letter is perfect. You need to cut out the letter of your mom’s initial, wrap it in yarn, and wait for the glue to dry. Add a few additional decorations like these flowers and you are done! This should only take a few hours, with most of the task just waiting for the glue to dry.

If you are up for the challenge, you can even go ahead and make your mom’s name!

DIY Floral Mugs

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Diy Floral Mugs
Photo from I Love to Create Blog

Does your mom love her morning coffee or afternoon tea? Then give her something adorable to enjoy her favorite drinks with this DIY mug!

With a white mug and your trusted markers, let your imagination run free as you draw and create the best mug your mother could ever wish for.

For tips on how to better achieve this craft, check here.

Chocolate Mother’s Day Bouquet

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Chocolate Mother's Day Bouquet
Photo from Tikkido

Chocolates + Flowers = your typical Mother’s Day gift. So make sure that you put a fun spin to it this Mother’s Day by creating your bouquet and donning them with your mom’s favorite chocolates! 

The first step is to purchase the chocolates that your mom loves. Then, using craft paper, cut out petal shapes and leaves. Stick them onto your painted bamboo skewers, and your flower is ready, waiting for you to tape on all the chocolate bars.

To learn how to recreate this Mother’s Day gift, click here.

DIY Vintage Button Bookmarks

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Diy Vintage Button Bookmarks
Photo from Sister’s Suitcase Blog

Is mom a bookworm? Then this DIY vintage bookmark will be perfect for her!

Collect some vintage buttons and other pretty little studs that your mom has lying around her stash of “might be useful someday” boxes and turn them into this pretty and unique bookmark. She’ll be so proud to use them knowing that it’s one of a kind and handcrafted by her loved one.

Using a sturdy paper clip and strong glue, simply glue the buttons onto the paper clip and that’s about it! How easy was that?

For a detailed guide to this craft idea, check here.

Homemade Mother’s Day Gift: Clay Jewelry Holder

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Homemade Mother’s Day Gift: Clay Jewelry Holder
Photo from My Creative Days

Gift your mom something unique to hold her jewelry with this clay jewelry holder. It’s a literal “holder” since it comes in the shape and size of your own hands making it unique and sentimental.

All you need are the clay, craft paint, a brush, and time to do the cut-outs before you bake this masterpiece in the oven.

The complete guide to recreating this handcraft is available here.

Egg Carton Flowers Craft

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Egg Carton Flowers Craft
Photo from I Heart Arts n Crafts

Show your mom that you know how to create something fun, colorful, heartfelt, and lovely from recycled materials. Using old egg trays and straws, this super easy flower craft will surely put a smile on your mother’s face. This is an especially easy craft for your toddlers. With some help from dad or siblings, recreate this kid’s craft just in time for Mother’s Day!

For the complete guide, click here. For another egg carton craft, check out this adorable baby bee craft here.

DIY Edible Bracelets

Easy Things To Make For Mother's Day - Diy Edible Bracelets
Photo from Lessons Learnt Journal

Create these simple and adorable bracelets for your mom. You can create extras to wear with mom, dad, and your siblings. The best part? The “beads” are cheerios so you can snack on them!

This is an easy craft that even toddlers can recreate. Just give them the proper materials like a pipe cleaner. Using pipe cleaners is easier because your kids can easily bend and shape them. So, once they’ve snacked on the Cheerios the first time, they can just untie the knot and string in a new set. Toddlers will love to see their moms wear this and have fun with the experience of having edible bracelets on Mother’s Day.

I hope you enjoyed this list of easy things to make for Mother’s Day and found some inspiration for a fun project to surprise your mother with as the day approaches. Please let us know how the project turned out and what fun variations you made of these projects.

Also, check out our Father’s Day projects for more fun.

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