20 Fun Bubbles Activities for Toddlers

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers

Bubbles activities for toddlers not only provide entertainment but can also help with developing crucial skills such as hand-eye coordination, cognitive function, and socialization.

Watching a child’s face light up with wonder and excitement as they chase after a bubble is truly a magical sight. The simplicity of these floating spheres can captivate the imagination and spark curiosity.

What’s not to love about bubbles? They come in a variety of sizes and colors, they can float, pop, and even hold their shape for a moment before disappearing into thin air.

The possibilities for playtime with bubbles are endless, and with a little creativity, you can turn them into an educational experience.

Whether it’s making bubble prints or blowing bubbles with a homemade wand, these kids’ activities provide an opportunity for children to explore the world around them in a fun and engaging way. Get ready to pop, blow, and create some bubbly fun with these bubbles activities for toddlers!

Cookie Cutter Shaped Bubble Wands

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Cookie Cutter Shaped Bubble Wands
Photo from Red Ted Art

Making cookie-cutter DIY bubble wands is a terrific summer activity for kids. With so many cookie-cutter shapes to choose from, kids will have hours of fun with these simple DIY bubble wands all summer long. Combine them with this wonderful and simple bubble recipe, and you’ve got your summer bubble activities covered!

Don’t forget to check Red Ted Art for more details.

Slime Bubble

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Slime Bubble
Photo from 123 Home School 4 Me

Prepare to burst out laughing as you try this insanely hilarious slime activity! Blowing Slime Bubbles is a great activity for kids that only requires a straw and a batch of slime. This homemade slime bubbles procedure is quite simple, and we were astounded by how large the bubbles could get.  If you’re looking for a summer bucket list activity, this slime bubble activity is a must-try.

Looking for more fun, creative ways to paint with bubbles? Check out 123 Home School 4 Me.

Whisking Bubbles

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Whisking Bubbles
Photo from Emma Owl

Did you know that most of the time, the best toys, the finest learning, and the most fun are found in the kitchen cabinet and the stuff found outside? Try this bubbles whisking activity with your child today!

Visit Emma Owl for more ideas.

Bubble Towers

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Bubble Towers
Photo from Happy Hooligans

Need something to keep your toddlers and preschoolers occupied and entertained while you make lunch? Create some bubble towers! Your kids will enjoy constructing large, fluffy bubble towers, and you will appreciate how quick and easy this activity is to set up and clean up!

Looking for more fun ways to play with bubbles? Check out, Happy Hooligans.

Bouncing Bubble

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Bouncing Bubble
Photo from Little Bins for Little Hands

Can you bounce a bubble without it breaking? Making bubbles is undoubtedly one of the activities your kids will enjoy! Make your own cheap bubble solution and start blowing with one of these fun bubble science activities.

Check out Little Bins for Little Hands for more bubble activities.

Rainbow Bubbles

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Rainbow Bubbles
Photo from Gift of Curiosity

Do you enjoy taking the kids to the backyard for some water play on hot summer days?   Instead of just playing with water, why don’t you change things up a little and make rainbow bubbles with soap and paint? The kids will absolutely love it!

For more bubble ideas, visit Gift of Curiosity

Soap Pump Bubble

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Soap Pump Bubble
Photo from A Little Pinch of Perfect

Hoarding foamy soap pump canisters have finally found a useful application! Children can cover their paper with a variety of colored bubbles in this activity. Then, as the bubbles dry, they reveal hundreds of tiny, microscopic bubbles preserved as a beautiful work of art!

More bubble activities at A Little Pinch of Perfect.

Bubble Tag

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Bubble Tag
Photo from The Spruce

This is the typical backyard game of tag, except instead of tagging players with her hands, the “it” player must blow a bubble onto another player. When a bubble hits a player, he is either out or must adopt the role of “it.”

More bubble activities at The Spruce.

Bubble Prints

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Bubble Prints
Photo from Gift of Curiosity

Make bubble prints with your children for a fun art experience. This activity will undoubtedly provide you and your children with a valuable experience. You can also hang it in your home once it dries!

For more awesome bubble activities, see Gift of Curiosity.

Bubble Shooter

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Bubble Shooter
Photo from Kids Activities Blog

This simple craft provides hours of play opportunities for kids of all ages. Rubber bands and drinking straws are the only supplies needed for this simple DIY bubble wand. It’s simple to build, and it can be done at home, on the playground, or in the classroom, and the kids will have a great time experimenting with their bubble wands.

For more awesome bubble activities, see the Kids Activities Blog.

Bubble Bombs

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Bubble Bombs
Photo from Living Well Mom

Children are fascinated by anything that foams, fizzes, or explodes. There are only a few things we can do that will burst safely enough to be used around children. Blowing bubble bombs is one of them.  Don’t be alarmed if the name terrifies you. These bombs are completely safe and a lot of fun.

Visit Living Well Mom for more bubble activities.

Bubble Bath

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Bubble Bath
Photo from Blogspot

Instead of the typical amount of bubble solution, pour a large amount of bubble bath into your child’s bath and let it foam up. Your youngster will have a great time blowing bubbles around!

Visit Empowered Parents for more ideas.

DIY Bubble Machine

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Diy Bubble Machine
Photo from All for The Boys

Making your own bubble machine is a simple and enjoyable DIY. It can be created out of nearly anything, glued, and screwed together, and it will keep kids entertained for hours.

Need more ideas? Check out All for The Boys for more wonderful ideas.

Foamy Sea Foam

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Foamy Sea Foam
Photo from The Craft at Home Family

Are you looking for a strategy to keep your child occupied? This simple soap foam sensory bin requires only three items and five minutes of your time. Make all of the rainbow hues or stay with blue for some frothy sea foam sensory play—ideal for indoors, bath time, or your child’s water table!

Looking for more ideas to try with your kids? Check out The Craft at Home Family.

Giant Bubbles

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Giant Bubbles
Photo from Happy Hooligans

Make these bubbles if you’re looking for something super-fun to do in the backyard with your kids or family. Look at how big this bubble is. It’s cheap and simple as well!

Looking for more ideas to try with your kids? Check out, Happy Hooligans.

Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Rainbow Bubble Snakes
Photo from Housing A Forest

Summer is approaching, and your family is no doubt going to be thrilled! Making bubble snakes is one of the enjoyable activities you should try! The best part is that they are simple to prepare and only require items found around the house. How perfect is that? You only need an empty water bottle from your recycling bin, duct tape, an unmatched sock, dish soap, and food coloring.

For more exciting experiments, check out Housing A Forest.

Bubble Pop Freeze Dance

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Bubble Pop Freeze Dance
Photo from The Spruce

Every child enjoys dancing and blowing bubbles. This game combines both activities for a fantastic time. Gather your kids in the center. Play some party music and get them to dance. Allow a few adults to blow bubbles into the dance space and challenge the children to pop the bubbles.

For more exciting experiments, check out The Spruce.

Bubble Art Butterflies

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Bubble Art Butterflies
Photo from Red Ted Art 

Bubble-blowing allows children to be as crazy as they want when blowing bubbles without getting in trouble. Bubble printing is truly amazing! This bubble art butterfly craft is a terrific way to bring kids outside this spring to enjoy some bubble-blowing art, which they can turn into a colorful butterfly craft afterward.

Red Ted Art has loads more ideas for you.

Bubble and Letters Sensory Play

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Bubble And Letters Sensory Play
Photo from Books and Giggles

This sensory bubble bin can be a fun way to get kids excited about learning their ABCs. Name unknown letters and inquire whether they can locate familiar letters. Playing with bubbles and letters should be a lot of fun!

Want more? Visit Books and Giggles.

What Other Fun Activities Can Toddlers Participate in Besides Bubbles and Bugs?

Toddlers can enjoy a variety of fun bug activities for toddlers, such as gardening to discover earthworms, painting ladybug crafts, and going on a nature scavenger hunt to find different insects. Additionally, they can engage in sensory play with kinetic sand and explore music through making their own bug-themed instruments.

Bubble Painting

Bubbles Activities For Toddlers - Bubble Painting
Photo from 123 Home School 4 Me

Bubbles are a timeless childhood pastime that never goes out of vogue! Make bubble paintings as an alternative to the traditional summer activity of blowing bubbles! This bubble painting art is great for toddlers and would make a great summer art project! When the bubble pops, it creates a wonderful spatter effect on your paper or canvas.

Want more? Visit 123 Home School 4 Me.

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