20 Easy and Funny Frog Crafts for Toddlers

20 Easy And Funny Frog Crafts For Toddlers

We have a fascinating subject for our crafts today! Care to guess?

 A group of these amphibians is called an army. But they are not soldiers! These animals can be found near water and prefer ponds and lakes. Just like every kid we know, they love to swim! Have you any idea what animal this is?


Now, before our subject turns into a prince, let’s hop into it and start creating these 20 easy and fun frog crafts for toddlers!

Easy to Make Recycled CD Frog

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Easy To Make Recycled Cd Frog
Photo from Fun Handprint Art Blog 

Make them come alive by helping your kids create this fun frog craft using construction paper or cardstock!  This craft will also use their handprints! Watch them have fun as they trace their hands, cut the shape, and use these as frogy feet!

For more details about this craft, visit Fun Handprint Art Blog.

Frog Pond Shape Match Activity 

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Frog Pond Shape Match Activity  
Photo from No Time for Flashcards

For this craft activity, you’re going to need several frogs, which you can print using a template or from ready-to-use cutouts.

Then, make lily pads for your little frogs and assign them a specific shape.

Add similar shapes to your frogs and encourage your tots to match and classify the frogs in the correct lily pad with the same shape.

You may also use letters or numbers instead of shapes!

See how No Time for Flashcards made this craft.

Paper Plate Frog Craft

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Paper Plate Frog Craft
Photo from Our Kid Things 

Here’s another frog craft that the little ones will truly enjoy. Making this paper plate frog needs basic shapes to come alive, which makes it a good cutting activity for your tots to strengthen their fingers and enhance eye-hand coordination.

The curled tongue will surely make this craft an easy favorite for the kids!

For more details about this craft, visit Our Kid Things.

Printable Frog Puppet

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Printable Frog Puppet
Photo from Easy Peasy Fun 

Train your toddlers to converse and play pretend by using these fun frog puppets! These frogs are friendly, funny-looking, and ready to take on any conversation with your children!

Get ready to see the humorous side of your kids as they unknowingly improve their language and social skills!

Visit Easy Peasy Fun for more information.

Toilet Tube Craft

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Toilet Tube Craft
Photo from The Inspiration Edit 

Do you enjoy creating things out of toilet paper rolls? Here’s an easy craft that will sharpen the fine motor skills of your children and will also teach them more about these creatures, such as the types of food they like to eat.

This hungry, open-mouthed frog will be ready to devour any insect in sight! Go out in the garden and ask your toddler to find food for the hungry frog!

For more details about this craft, visit The Inspiration Edit.

Frog Clothespin Puppet

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Frog Clothespin Puppet
Photo from Easy Peasy and Fun 

We love crafts that touch on so many areas of development. This Frog Clothespin Puppet will not only bring out the creative side of your little ones but also makes for a great prop for storytelling and pretend play, which are wonderful activities that will enhance their imagination, language skills, and more! 

For more details about this craft, visit Easy Peasy and Fun.

 Paper Frog Craft

Frog Crafts For Toddlers -  Paper Frog Craft
Photo from Kids Art & Craft 

Transforming a simple sheet of paper into a cute creature will spell fun! 

Bring out the craft materials and let your kids create a happy, funny, and adorable paper frog face! Art will surely bring out the imaginative side of your little toddlers!

For more details, check out Kids Art & Craft.

Paper Strips Frog Craft

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Paper Strips Frog Craft
Photo from Easy Peasy and Fun

Teach your little children patience as they create this frog craft using pieces of paper strips that they will have to cut themselves. As they watch these paper-strip frogs come to life, they will also grow to love frogs for their adorableness. This is a wonderful exercise with your kids as an extension of your lesson about frogs, amphibians, or animals.

For more details about this activity, visit  Easy Peasy and Fun.

Paper Bag Frog Puppet

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Paper Bag Frog Puppet
Photo from I Heart Craft Things

Parents will always find time to teach their children rhymes and songs! And what better tool to use than a puppet? These handheld toys will improve children’s language skills and allow them to imagine and create conversations!

With minimal materials, this paper bag puppet will make a lot of difference in setting off your young kids to create and learn!

Check the full instructions at I Heart Craft Things.

Frog Corner Book Mark

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Frog Corner Book Mark
Photo from Easy Peasy and Fun

Reading to our preschoolers will promote brain development and imagination!

Entice your little ones to get a book every night for bedtime stories! Create origami frog bookmarks that will surely get them started with the art of paper folding. Hand them the cute bookmarks they created to encourage them to read some more!

For more details about this activity, check out Easy Peasy and Fun.

Paper Frog Mask

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Paper Frog Mask
Photo from Kids Craft Room

Frog masks out of paper plates and markers? It’s possible and easy!

These simple masks would be perfect for retelling stories and can significantly increase children’s comprehension and give them a secure space to meaningfully explore the feelings and motivations of the characters in a story.

Masks are great learning tools, indeed!

For more details about this activity, check out Kids Craft Room.

Funny Frog Face

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Funny Frog Face
Photo from East Coast Mommy Blog

Do you have leftover noisemakers lying around? Turn it into this funny frog face, and watch your little ones hop around in delight!

This easy activity for toddlers will surely entertain your tots. The noisemaker tongue is going to be a big hit!

See how East Coast Mommy Blog did this craft.

Super Cute Toilet Tube Frog

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Super Cute Toilet Tube Frog
Photo from The Inspiration Edit  

These Toilet Tube Frogs will stir young toddlers’ imaginations and allow them to explore! They are easy enough to create, and the finished crafts are adorable!

Through pretend play, children get their first try at theater acting. Playing drama and creating conversations are some ways children learn about what they like and don’t like.

Bring out those toilet rolls and start creating! Visit The Inspiration Edit for more details.

Stick Puppets

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Stick Puppets
Photo from My Plum Pudding

A collection of stick puppets will only be complete with Mr. Frogman! Make your tots grin as they see the huge smile on Froggy’s face!

This activity will strengthen color and shape identification! Make several puppets and let them put on a show!

To learn more about this activity, visit My Plum Pudding.

Cone Frog Paper Craft

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Cone Frog Paper Craft
Photo from The Art Dream 

Hosting a frog-themed party soon? Then this cone frog paper craft is for you!

Plus, you only need basic crafting materials like paper, glue, markers, and your trusted scissors. Create as many as you need but just be ready to see a room full of cute frogs when you are done!

Check out The Art Dream for more information on this activity.

Frog Egg Carton Face

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Frog Egg Carton Face
Photo from Crafty Morning 

This frog prince craft will sweep you off your feet! Toddlers and preschoolers can create a different face for every cone!

Challenge your toddlers to create their versions of the Frog Prince using the craft materials you have available at home. 

Learn more about this activity by visiting  Crafty Morning

Foam Cup Frog

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Foam Cup Frog
Photo from Crafts by Amanda 

Keep used foam cups and allow your little toddlers to recycle them into these cute green amphibians! Encourage your little ones to visualize how each one will look and watch them beam with pride at their finished products!

Check out Crafts by Amanda for more details.

Handprint Frog

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Handprint Frog
Photo from Mom, Wife, Wine 

Do you want to watch the development of your little toddlers? One fun way to do this is to monitor their growth by printing their hand on a piece of paper!

But give it a little twist by turning their handprints into adorable frogs! Then, you can have this masterpiece displayed on their bedroom wall and recreate it yearly, so they see their handprints grow through time.

More on this frog craft idea from Mom, Wife, Wine.

Construction Paper Frog Craft

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Construction Paper Frog Craft 
Photo from Easy Peasy and Fun

Making this creative construction paper frog craft on a water lily leaf is a fun way to welcome spring. It’s easy to create, using familiar materials like green paper, glue, scissors, and your imagination!

Visit Easy Peasy and Funfor more details.

Can Frog Crafts be Adapted for Zoo Animal Crafts for Toddlers?

Frog crafts can easily be adapted for zoo animal crafts for toddlers. Using the same techniques and materials, you can create easy zoo animals crafts like lions, elephants, and monkeys. Just swap out the frog templates for animal shapes and let the creativity flow.

Frog Life Cycle Craft

Frog Crafts For Toddlers - Frog Life Cycle Craft
Photo from Life Over Cs

Here is a cute and easy craft to teach your kids about the life cycle of frogs. The use of pompoms for frog eggs makes for an excellent sensory experience. There will be lots of folding and cutting, which are great exercises for fine motor skills. Then, as you let your little ones retell the frog’s life cycle in their own words, you also help enhance their language and social skills.

Learn more about this activity here:  Life Over Cs.

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