20 Easy Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers

Making zoo animals crafts for toddlers can be just as enjoyable as visiting a zoo. Through these awesome games and crafts, you may give the zoo animals that your toddler loves the most.

These easy-to-create, imaginative, and colorful zoo animal crafts are great for kids to make using common craft materials like construction paper, glue, scissors, paper plates, craft sticks, and more. In addition to a zoo theme, animal theme, zoo animals art project, and more, these simple zoo animal crafts help toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, 1st-grade, and 2nd-grade kids learn about animals.

What are you still waiting for? Today, let’s make some animal crafts! These popular animal projects are suitable for kids of all ages.

Cardboard Tube Tiger Craft

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Cardboard Tube Tiger Craft
Photo from Creative Family Fun

Without a tiger, a zoo wouldn’t be complete. So go ahead and include it in your collection of animal crafts! Additionally, you get to reuse the empty cardboard tubes lying around at home.

For the complete guide to this craft, check Creative Family Fun.

Footprint Animal Puppets

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Footprint Animal Puppets
Photo from Fun Handprint Art

Does your little one love to hear stories that involve animal characters? Then, make story time more fun by creating these footprint animal puppets! They will enjoy creating these colorful puppets, making them more excited to hear the stories once the craft is complete.

All you would need is some paper, washable paint, popsicle sticks, and tons of imagination!

For more details about this craft, check out Fun Handprint Art.

Paper Chain Snake

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Paper Chain Snake
Photo from Raising Little Superheroes

Let your toddlers lose their fear of snakes with this cute and silly paper chain snake craft!

All you need are 2 card stocks of different colors (you can let your child choose their favorite colors or follow the green and yellow ones in the photo), your trusted scissors, stapler, and glue, plus some mismatched googly eyes for that added silliness effect, and a red balloon for the snake’s tongue.

For directions on how to recreate this craft, check out Raising Little Superheroes.

3D Caterpillar Craft

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - 3D Caterpillar Craft
Photo from Easy Peasy and Fun

Your help is greatly needed if you plan to recreate this craft with your toddler. After all, this craft involves the use of scissors. But that also means that this craft will not only hone their creativity and appreciation for animal crafts, but it will also hone their fine motor skills.

If you are interested in more activities that help your child practice handling scissors, check out our list of easy cutting activities for toddlers!

For the complete instructions on this craft, check out Easy Peasy and Fun.

Colorful Paper Butterfly Puppet Craft

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Colorful Paper Butterfly Puppet Craft
Photo from I Heart Crafty Things

Playing with this paper butterfly puppet craft can be a ton of fun for kids. Children grab onto the end of the straw, move it up and down, and watch as the butterflies flutter in the air after they have made the butterfly out of a combination of various colored papers.

See how to recreate this craft at I Heart Crafty Things.

Cute Handprint Hedgehog Craft

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Cute Handprint Hedgehog Craft
Photo from Simple Everyday Mom

One of its best features is that you can make this craft using simple materials you probably already have in your craft cupboard. All you need are some colored card stock (in dark brown, light brown, and cream), a pair of googly eyes, a pencil to trace your little one’s hands with (which will serve as the hedgehogs’ quills or spikes), a pair of scissors, and to make it easier, you can download a templated body of the hedgehog. Of course, you also have the choice to let your child use markers and draw the other details in!

Check out Simple Everyday Mom for more details about this animal craft for toddlers.

Fork Print Panda Bear Kids Craft

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Fork Print Panda Bear Kids Craft
Photo from Crafty Morning

This art technique is a creative and easy way to let your child learn how to draw different kinds of objects and animals. In this case, the method is also a great way to paint a panda, using white paint, black cutouts for the ears, nose, mouth, and other details, and, of course, your fork!

Check out Crafty Morning for a step-by-step guide to this activity.

Paper Plate Fish Craft for Kids

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Paper Plate Fish Craft For Kids
Photo from Natural Beach Living

The fun book, The Rainbow Fish, served as the source of inspiration for this adorable paper plate fish craft. Kids adore simple crafts that match their favorite themes, so if your little ones love the underwater world and the creatures that live there, this craft is for you! This easy fish craft can be used to decorate an ocean or under the sea preschool theme or project, too!

For more details about this craft, check out Natural Beach Living.

Polar Bear Mask

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Polar Bear Mask
Photo from I Heart Crafty Things

If you’ve been in the crafting game for a long time, then you probably know that paper plates are one of the best crafting materials you can use. There are just so many things you can create out of it, including this polar bear mask craft! Using white tissue to give texture to your paper plate, you can replicate the face of a polar bear. Then, poke some holes, attach ears and a nose, and your polar bear mask is complete!

For the complete guide, check I Heart Crafty Things.

Penguin Craft

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Penguin Craft
Photo from education.com

Yes, it’s fantastic to teach your child the benefits of recycling, but it’s going to be even more wonderful if you teach them about recycling through crafts! Recreate this eco-friendly penguin craft using old water bottles and everyday household items like cotton balls and black art paper.

For more details about this craft, check education.com

Narwhal Craft Using Egg Cartons

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Narwhal Craft Using Egg Cartons
Photo from STEAMsational

If you love making crafts out of recycled materials, try making this narwhal out of egg cartons! Once they’re through making it, your kids will surely love how adorable this little egg carton narwhal craft will turn out. While you can paint your narwhals blue similar to how STEAMsational did, you could create a whole fleet in every rainbow color!

Toilet Paper Roll Narwhal Craft

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Toilet Paper Roll Narwhal Craft
Photo from Red Ted Art

If you loved the egg carton narwhal craft, or if you simply love narwhals in general, then you might as well try this toilet paper roll narwhal craft, too!

Learn how to make your own toilet paper roll Narwhal craft with Red Ted Art.

Popsicle Stick Tiger Craft for Kids

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Popsicle Stick Tiger Craft For Kids
Photo from Crafty Morning

This craft is entertaining and an excellent way to utilize all the Popsicle sticks your kids keep hanging about. Glue an orange cardstock triangle to the back of the Popsicle stick triangle. Then, draw on the nose, mouth, and stripes after cutting out and adhering the ears and eyes, and you have for yourself a beautiful orange tiger!

To check out the entire process, visit Crafty Morning.

Bubble Wrap Crocodile Craft

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Bubble Wrap Crocodile Craft
Photo from Positively Splendid

Any children’s craft project that uses bubble wrap as a primary craft material is bound to be a hit because kids love bubble wraps. Keep them preoccupied on a lazy or busy afternoon by creating this bubble wrap crocodile craft!

Read the process at Positively Splendid for all the information you need to recreate this craft.


Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Peacocks
Photo from TippyToe Crafts

This art craft project is adorable! The children can use markers to color coffee filters before misting them with water and allowing them to dry for the colors to create abstract, flowy patterns. Then, assemble the body, which can be readily cut by hand to resemble a short bowling pin. Once the eyes and beak are attached, choose cocktail toothpicks for the crest and tape them to the back of the head. Once everything is ready, all that’s left to do is put everything together to create your adorable little peacock!

Check out TippyToe Crafts for more details on how it’s done.

Heart Animal Crafts for Kids

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Heart Animal Crafts For Kids
Photo from Feels Like Home Blog

Heart-shaped anything is a universal way of saying how you love something. In this case, creating animal crafts using heart shapes not only emphasizes an expression of love, but it also becomes a creative challenge on how you can form various zoo animal crafts using this shape.

Prepare different colored papers, scissors, markers, glue, tape, and googly eyes, and you are on your way to creating many different animal crafts that you and your children will surely find fun!

For a complete list of what animals you can create with this activity, check out the Feels Like Home Blog.

Animal Mason Jar Lanterns

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Animal Mason Jar Lanterns
Photo from Frogs and Fairies

Make a cute animal lantern out of a standard Mason jar! You can make this an easy and enjoyable activity with your kids to provide some light in the gloomy evenings.

To check out the step-by-step process, check out Frogs and Fairies.

Snail Craft

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Snail Craft
Photo from Kindergarten Nation

An innovative technique to encourage early writing abilities in the classroom and at home is with this snail craft! Your toddler can cut, paint, and roll paper into a curly snail shape using their fine motor abilities. All you need are Snail and Leaf Templates, Glue Sticks, Scissors, Markers, and Copy or Construction Paper.

Check out Kindergarten Nation for the complete guide.

Paper Bag Animal Mask Costumes

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Paper Bag Animal Mask Costumes
Photo from Wee Society

Are you looking for a simple, cheap Halloween costume? Or perhaps you’re just finding ways to make learning and reading more fun with your kids, and you’d need some costumes during storytelling time? Then this craft is for you! All you need is a sturdy, unused paper bag, some colored paper that you can cut out into different shapes to decorate the paper bag and turn it into the zoo animal you desire, and all the other basic crafting materials that you most likely already have on hand.

For the complete guide, visit Wee Society.

Can Monkey Crafts for Toddlers be Adapted for Other Zoo Animal Crafts?

Monkey crafts for toddlers can definitely be adapted for other zoo animal crafts. By simply changing the color palette or adding different features, the same basic craft template can be transformed into a lion, elephant, or giraffe. This allows for a fun and versatile crafting experience for little ones.

Foam Cup Crafts

Zoo Animals Crafts For Toddlers - Foam Cup Crafts
Photo from Kids Activities Blog

When teaching youngsters exciting and interesting facts about wild animals, these animal crafts created from cups are excellent interactive tools and story starters. They are also a lot of fun to make and play with, using only a few materials and tools such as Styrofoam cups, acrylic paint, paint brushes, Chenille stems or pipe cleaners, pencils, craft scissors, and sticky tape.

Check out Kids Activities Blog for more details about this zoo animal crafts for toddlers activity.

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