20 Fun and Cute Tiger Activities for Preschoolers

20 Fun And Cute Tiger Activities For Preschoolers

Welcome to our crafty jungle! As a mom who loves creating with kids, I’m excited to share some wonderfully-themed tiger activities for preschoolers. These crafts and DIYs will take your little ones on an adventure where they can learn, have creative family fun, and explore their creativity.

From paper bag tiger puppets to handprint tiger art, there is something for everyone. Get ready to roar with joy as we dive into these tiger-inspired projects together!

Paper Bag Tiger Puppet

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Paper Bag Tiger Puppet
Photo from Red Ted Art

Fold a strip of orange paper lengthwise. Then fold down the top edge to meet and overlap the bottom edge, securing it with glue or tape. Fold the paper in half with the seam on the outside, fold over the flap, and flip it over to fold the other side, creating an “M” shape with the point in the middle of the mouth and the long sides as finger slots.

Cut out orange ovals for the ears and a large oval for the mouth. Draw a black triangle for the nose, a line, and dots for details. Stick these features in place, with the ears on the inside of the puppet. Use a black pen to add eyes and tiger stripes. Optional additions include a red tongue and tiger teeth.

Your adorable tiger hand puppet is now ready!

Handprint Tiger Art

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Letter T Crafts For Toddlers - Handprint Tiger
Photo from: Red Ted Art

Paint your child’s hand orange and make a handprint on paper. Add black stripes and facial details to turn it into a tiger.

Paper Tiger Collage

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Paper Tiger Collage
Photo from Make It Your Own

To create a magazine tile image, start by sketching your idea and gathering colorful magazine pages. Tear the pages into thin strips and cut them into small tiles, approximately 1 inch by 1 inch. Apply a thin layer of glue to the back of each tile and arrange them on sturdy paper, overlapping if needed, to bring your image to life.

For a more detailed tutorial, check out Make It Your Own

Toilet Paper Roll Tiger Craft

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Cardboard Tube Tiger Tiger Simple Craft
Photo from Red Ted Art

To make a Toilet Paper Roll Tiger Craft, start by painting a toilet paper roll in orange and letting it dry. Shape the top rim to create tiger ears, draw the tiger’s features using a black pen, add a tail to the back, and choose a closure method such as stuffing tissue paper or folding flaps at the bottom.

Cute Tiger Tail

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Cute Tiger Tails
Photo from Make it Handmade

This art project involves creating Tiger-themed tails with the help of children. Cut strips of black felt and arrange them on an orange felt rectangle, securing them by sewing or with hem tape. After ironing the striped areas and sewing the tail, attach a folded ribbon, stuff the tail if desired, and close the other end with a gathering stitch.

Enjoy the Tiger tails and watch the children bounce around joyfully! Learn more from Make It Handmade.

Foam Cup Tiger Craft

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - The Foam Cup Tiger Craft
Photo from iHeartCraftyThings

The Foam Cup Tiger Craft is a creative and easy craft activity for kids. Using a foam cup, children can transform it into an adorable tiger by painting it orange and adding details with markers or foam cutouts.

This craft helps develop fine motor skills as they cut and stick the foam pieces onto the cup. Kids can also use their imagination to personalize their tigers with additional decorations like googly eyes or yarn for whiskers.

It’s fun and interactive and is a perfect craft that allows children to engage in imaginative play while creating their own unique tiger friend. Learn more over at iHeartCraftyThings.

Paper Plate Tiger Craft

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Paper Plate Tiger Craft
Photo from Happy Toddler Playtime

Paint a paper plate orange, cut out ears and stripes from construction paper, and stick them onto the plate to make a tiger face.

Learn more from Happy Toddler Playtime.

Bubble Wrap Tiger Painting

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Tiger Bubble Wrap Painting
Photo from Learning For Kids

Dip some bubble wrap into orange paint and press it onto paper to create a textured tiger print.

Learn more from Learning for Kids.

Tiger Popsicle Stick

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Tiger Popsicle Stick Puzzle
Photo from Crafty Morning

This craft utilizes Popsicle sticks to create a triangle shape, which is then covered with orange cardstock. Glue on googly eyes cut out and attach ears, and use a black marker to draw the nose, mouth, and stripes to complete the face of the craft.

It’s a fun and simple way to recycle Popsicle sticks and create a cute character. Learn more from Crafty Morning.

Tiger Sensory Bin

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Tiger Sensory Bin
Photo from Happy Toddler Playtime

A Tiger Sensory Bin is a fun and engaging activity for kids to explore textures and play. To create a Tiger Sensory Bin, fill a large container or tray with materials that resemble a tiger’s habitat. You can use items like dry rice or sand as the base, add toy tigers or tiger figurines, incorporate leaves, rocks, and branches for a jungle feel, and include sensory elements like soft fabric or faux fur for a tactile experience.

Children can use their imagination to create different scenarios and engage in sensory play while learning about tigers and their habitats.

Learn more from Happy Toddler Playtime.

Tiger Shape Craft

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Tiger Shapes Craft
Photo from Craft Project Ideas

The Easy Shape Tiger is a simple and fun craft that helps preschoolers learn about shapes and colors. You can create tiger artwork using foam sheets, paint, sticks, canvas, and other materials. Cut out shapes from black and orange foam and stick them together to form the tiger’s face, ears, stripes, and whiskers.

Attach wiggly eyes and draw a grin with a black pen. Paint the canvas as the background, and create a tree using brown and green fuzzy sticks. Paste the tree and grass to the canvas, and finally, stick the tiger on top. Use a sponge dabber to add fluffy clouds to the sky.

This craft is a great way for preschoolers to express their creativity while learning through hands-on activities. Learn more from Craft Project Ideas.

Paper Bag Tiger Craft

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Brown Paper Bag Tiger Craft
Photo from Simple Everyday Mom

The Brown Paper Bag Tiger Craft is a simple and engaging activity where children can create their own tiger puppet using a brown paper bag. By cutting and gluing construction paper shapes onto the bag, they can bring their tiger to life.

This craft encourages creativity, fine motor skill development, and imaginative play as children animate their puppets and create stories. It’s a fun and interactive art project that sparks their imagination and provides hours of entertainment.

Learn more from Simple Everyday Mom.

Tiger Playdough

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Tiger Playdough
Photo from Pre-K Pages

Make orange playdough and provide tiger-shaped cookie cutters and other tools for your child to create tiger-themed shapes and sculptures.

Learn more from Pre-K Pages.

Printable Tiger Hat

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Printable Tiger Hat For Preschool Activities
Photo from Red Ted Art

The Tiger Paper Hat craft offers three options: coloring a printed template on white paper, printing and cutting an orange template or using a full-color template on white paper. It can be used as an accessory for a wild animal concept for a party. Materials needed include paper, coloring utensils, scissors, and adhesive.

The printable activity is available over at Red Ted Art.

Sticky Tiger Craft

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Sticky Tiger Craft For Kids
Photo from Toddler Approved

The Sticky Tiger Craft is an interactive activity for kids that involves using sticky materials to create a tiger. With construction paper, scissors, and various sticky materials, children can design the tiger’s body, head, ears, and tail, adding stripes and facial features.

This craft promotes creativity, fine motor skills, and sensory exploration, offering a fun and mess-free way for kids to engage in art and play.

Learn more from Toddler Approved.

Origami Tiger Face

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - International Tiger Day Idea - Simple Origami Tiger Face
Photo from Red Ted Art

Fold a piece of paper into a triangle, then fold the bottom corner upside down to meet the top corner to create another triangle. Next, fold down the top portion of the triangle to form the top of the tiger’s head, and fold the right and left corners up to create the tiger’s ears. Finally, flip the origami over and use a black pen to draw the tiger’s facial features, including the nose, mouth, eyes, and tiger stripes.

This origami tiger face can be used for various craft projects, such as greeting cards or collages.

Tiger Sensory Bag

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Tiger Activities - Sensory Bag For Preschoolers
Photo from Happy Toddler Playtime

The Tiger Sensory Bag activity is a fine motor activity suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. It allows children to decorate a tiger and strengthen their finger and hand muscles. This hands-on sensory activity is perfect for zoo animal-themed units, providing a fun and engaging way for children to learn and explore.

Sensory play, such as this activity, is important for early childhood development as it engages all the senses and promotes brain development. Sensory Play Kits are available to further enhance your child’s engagement and learning through sensory play.

Learn more from Happy Toddler Playtime.

Pop-Up Tiger Cards

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Easy To Make Pop-Up Tiger Cards
Photo from Red Ted Art

To make a 3D tiger card, create a paper chain using orange paper, ensuring the folds are positioned correctly for connection. Then, decorate the card with scrap paper in desired colors, draw the tiger’s features with red and black pens, and paste the paper chain tiger onto the card stock for a fun pop-up effect.

Tiger Mask Craft

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Fun Crafts - Tiger Mask
Photo from Naturally Educated

Create a terrific Tiger Mask by cutting out the center of a paper plate, gluing on orange and yellow construction paper strips for the mane, and attaching a craft stick to the back. For a Lamb Mask, cut eye holes in a paper plate, paste cotton balls around the edges, add paper ears and nose, draw a mouth, and attach a craft stick. “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb” is a rhyming book by Marion Dane Bauer that beautifully depicts the transition from winter to spring, with a roaring lion and a gentle lamb representing the changing weather in March.

Learn more from Naturally Educated.

Handmade Tiger Card

Tiger Activities For Preschoolers - Handmade Tiger Card For Preschool Kids
Photo from Simple Everyday Mom

To make a handmade tiger card, cut out a tiger’s head shape from orange construction paper, add black paper stripes and ears, and stick it onto a white cardstock or blank greeting card for a personalized touch.

Learn more over at Simple Everyday Mom.

Tiger activities for preschoolers offer a fantastic way to ignite curiosity and learning while having a roaring good time. These tiger activities will help them learn and have fun while making something special.

Keep nurturing your child’s creativity and try making these simple everyday mom-and-child crafts and activities that kids will love. So, don’t worry about getting messy with your cute little ones, and just have a happy crafting time!

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