19 Easy Elephant Crafts for Kids

19 Easy Elephant Crafts For Kids

Elephants may look enormous and intimidating but they are very caring and friendly animals. It’s no wonder kids love them! If your kids have read all about elephants in stories or if you’re planning to take them on a trip to the zoo, these 19 easy and cute elephant crafts for kids will surely be some of the many fun activities you can enjoy while you get prepared!

1. Paper Plate Elephant Craft

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Paper Plate Elephant Craft
Photo from Crafty Morning

You only need extra paper plates to make these adorable paper plate crafts! Cut out the upper and lower side portions of your paper plate to shape the elephant’s head. You can use one of the cutouts for the elephant’s nose. Draw the elephant’s eyes, brows, and ribbon, and paint the entire plate with your favorite color. Check out the full guide here.

2. Elephant Headbands

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Elephant Headbands
Photo from Pink Stripey Socks

Elephant Headbands are the perfect craft if you are looking for a fun animal costume for a play or costume party! Just draw the face of the elephant on colored paper and cut it out. Attach your elephant face to your papercraft headband and there you have your Elephant paper Headband! Check out how it’s done here.

3. Origami Elephant Craft

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Origami Elephant Craft
Photo from Hodge Podge Craft

If you love making origami, then you should try making this Origami Elephant Craft! You will only need a nice large sheet of printed paper to make this. When making origami, make sure you fold with clean hands and be precise and careful with your every fold to avoid any errors. Slow down and give yourself enough time in shaping your Origami Elephant for the best results. The link to the full guide is here.

4. Paper Bag Elephant

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Paper Bag Elephant
Photo from Craft Play Learn

This Paper Bag Elephant is one of the cutest elephant crafts for preschoolers we have on the list! You will only need a spare paper bag for your elephant’s body and some colored paper for the eyes, ears, nose, feet, and tail. It is best if you use bright and light-colored paper for this craft to achieve a fun and friendly elephant craft. You can also try using printable templates of elephants. For the full guide, check here.

5. Elephant Bookmarks

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Elephant Bookmarks
Photo from The Crafty Swedes

If your child loves reading books at home and they also love elephants, try making these Elephant Bookmarks! Grab some bright-colored craft paper and draw your elephant’s head. Be creative with how you want your elephant to look. Cut out your drawing and paste it on the top portion of your bookmark cutouts. If you want to create more, you can also try using printable elephant bookmarks. Check here for more ideas.

6. Toilet Paper Roll Elephant Craft

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Toilet Paper Roll Elephant Craft
Photo from Red Ted Art

Your used toilet paper rolls are still useful in making this Toilet Paper Elephant Craft. Cut portions of the toilet paper roll to form the elephant’s legs, ears, and nose. Paint your elephant with your favorite color, draw some extra details with a marker, and add a pair of googly eyes to complete the look. The link to the full tutorial is here.

7. Elephant Pull Toy Craft

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Elephant Pull Toy Craft
Photo from Hello Wonderful

Let’s take our elephant craft ideas to another level with this easy-to-make Elephant Pull Toy Craft. You will need an extra finger skateboard and some cardboard for this art activity. Use the cardboard to create the elephant, design, and color it as you like. Glue your elephant on top of the finger skateboard, and there you have your Elephant Pull Toy! Get the full guide here.

8. Balloon Elephant Card

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Balloon Elephant Card
Photo from Glued to my Crafts Blog

If you are thinking of greeting someone who loves elephants on their special day, these Balloon Elephant Cards are for you. Paste a balloon (don’t inflate!) on the cover of your greeting card. The balloon will serve as your elephant’s head. Cut small pieces of colored paper to form the elephant’s ears. Feel free to add some details to make your card extra cute and fun! To see the full tutorial, click here.

9. Felt Elephant Crafts

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Felt Elephant Crafts
Photo from Lia Griffith

Felt Elephants is another elephant craft activity that is exciting and fun to finish. Grab a felt paper and use it to shape the elephant’s body including the ears, nose, legs, and tail. Add some colored paper and eyes to finish this elephant craft. A step-by-step guide can be found here.

10. Cereal Box Elephant Craft

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Cereal Box Elephant Craft
Photo from iHeartCraftyThings

Don’t just throw away your empty cereal boxes! Why not make this cute Cereal Box elephant? You will only need an empty cereal box, a paint color of your choice, and a pair of googly eyes to make this elephant craft.

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11. Elephant Glitter Greeting Card

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Elephant Glitter Greeting Card
Photo from Pinterest

A simple elephant cut-out sprinkled with glitter will make your simple greeting card look fancier. You can also add extra touches to create an effect or movement – such as adding small blue circles in different shades to picture an elephant playing with water. Be creative and enjoy this fun craft.

12. Elephant Pop Up Greeting Card

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Elephant Pop Up Greeting Card
Photo from Charm Pop Cards

Another greeting card that is made special and interactive is this Elephant Pop Up Greeting Card. Attach the elephant cutouts and other elements to the center of the card. Make sure to position your elephant precisely so it pops up as you open the card. Click here for more ideas.

13. Watercolor Elephant

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Watercolor Elephant
Photo from Elise Engh Studios

This Watercolor Elephant is a pretty art piece you can start making in your spare time. All you need is a canvas or a nice sketch pad to draw the elephant. Then grab some watercolor and paint your elephant with your favorite hues. For more designs, check this link.

14. Elephant Puppet

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Elephant Puppet
Photo from Our Kid Things

Elephant Puppets can also be an alternative toy for your little ones! Prepare your colorful cutouts to form the elephant’s head, ears, and nose. Use a strong stick for the puppet’s handle. Here’s the link to the full guide.

15. Elephant Printables

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Elephant Printables
Photo from Artsy Craftsy Mom

If you want to start simple with your elephant craft, then try some elephant printables that you can find online. To give texture to the printables, you can use felt paper or other coloring materials as well as add in some googly eyes, and you can complete this easy elephant craft with your kids in no time. For more ideas, click here.

16. Newspaper Elephant Craft

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Newspaper Elephant Craft
Photo from Buggy and Buddy

Do you have old newspapers around your home? Then turn them into something fun with this newspaper elephant craft! It’s the perfect way to show your kids that you can be creative with almost anything in your house. Check the full guide via this link.

17. Button Elephant Kids Craft

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Button Elephant Kids Craft
Photo from Busted Button

Want something more unique for your elephant craft? Then try this button elephant artwork with your kids! All you need are some old buttons, glue, a canvas of your choice, and lots of imagination! Check out the tutorial here.

18. Elephant Painting with Sponge

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Elephant Painting With Sponge
Photo from Buggy and Buddy

Let your child’s imagination run wild as they color their own elephant painting using sponges. Cut out square sponges and provide them with a variety of paint colors. They can make it as colorful as our example above, or they can do monochromes or two tones. Whatever they want and however they decide to make their elephants look, it’s all up to them! For a detailed guide, click here.

19. DIY Elephant Planter

Elephant Crafts For Kids - Diy Elephant Toy Planter
Photo from Make it-Love it

Here’s a next-level elephant craft that you can try with your kids, especially if they have some hollow elephant toys lying around that need a little revamping. Show them that you can repurpose their toys into something that can house another household favorite – plants! If you and your child are up for the challenge, check the full tutorial via this link.

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