20 Creative Horse Crafts for Preschoolers

20 Creative Horse Crafts For Preschoolers

Do your children enjoy horses? Why not use crafts to teach them about these lovely animals? Children will enjoy making a variety of easy and entertaining horse crafts.

We’ll highlight some of our favorites in this piece. So, get set to mount up and get creative and dig into this list of 20 horse crafts for preschoolers.

Clothespin Horse

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Clothespin Horse
Photo from The Pinterested Parent

Clothespins and craft sticks complement each other nicely. They can be used in educational activities, building projects, and a variety of fantastic crafts.   With a little experimentation and lots of imagination, you can create so many crafts with them. These clothespin horses and unicorns are adorable examples. These are very cute and extremely simple to create, and they work well for pretend play. You may even create a stable full of various horses.

For more details about this craft, visit The Pinterested Parent.

Handprint Horse Keepsake Card

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Handprint Horse Keepsake Card
Photo by Glued to My Crafts

Crafts made with handprints are always wonderful keepsakes that your child will treasure for years to come. If you’re searching for a simple horse project to perform with your child today, this one is just for you. All you need is craft paint, cardstock paper, and a few markers. To create this kid-friendly craft, simply paint your child’s hand entirely brown, place it in the middle of some cardstock paper, and then decorate it with details like hooves and hair to give it life.

Finally, cut around and attach your completed horse figure piece to another piece of cardstock.

For more details, check Glued to My Crafts.

No-Sew Horse Puppet

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - No-Sew Horse Puppet
Photo by Red Ted Art

Create a horse sock puppet with your little one and watch their imagination come to life! Sock puppets are great for language development and imaginative play, which makes this craft even more precious. This easy-to-make, no-sew craft requires hot glue, so be extra careful! 

For more about this craft, visit Red Ted Art.

Footprint Horse Craft

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Footprint Horse Craft
Photo by Fun Handprint Art

Handprint projects are often popular with preschoolers, so why not try a footprint craft instead? This horse craft is sure to make your little one smile. You only need to paint your child’s foot and stamp it onto a piece of paper, just like you would with most handprint artwork. After the paint has dried, you can add various finishing touches to make your horse complete.

Learn more about this activity at Fun Handprint Art

Paper Bag Horse Hat Kids Craft

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Paper Bag Horse Hat Kids Craft
Photo by A Little Pinch of Perfect

Kids always enjoy making crafts that they can wear, so you can be sure that this paper bag horse hat craft will be a big hit with your little one. This is also a good opportunity to talk about recycling as you use a bag that has been around for a while. Your little one will enjoy attaching all the little horse parts, and when completed, pretending to be a horse while galloping and neighing all around.

Also, check out this list of more paper crafts for kids.

To check the step-by-step guide to creating the materials for this activity, check A Little Pinch of Perfect

Cardboard Dala Horse

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Cardboard Dala Horse
Photo by Art Camp Studio

Your child’s next favorite horse project could be one of these vibrant Dala horses. Create a Dala horse shape out of cardboard boxes by hand, or you can print a pattern from the internet. Prepare to be inventive and cut out the shape! Your Dala horse can be decorated in a variety of ways. You could solicit suggestions from your child.

For more details, visit Art Camp Studio

Pony/Horse Crafts Snow Globe

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Pony/Horse Crafts Snow Globe

This may very well be one of the easiest snow globe crafts you will ever make. All you need is an empty jar, a small pony or horse figurine, and some glitter. Simply glue the horse figurine on the jar lid and sprinkle some glitter on the jar. Screw the lid back on and voila, you have a beautiful snow globe.

See how Poulette Magique created this craft.

H is for Horse Craft

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - H Is For Horse Craft
Photo from Homeschool Preschool

This H is for Horse project is a great way to incorporate the letter H into your weekly activities. Or incorporate it into your preschool’s farm, wild west, horse, or cowboy themes!

Focusing on a letter each week with preschoolers helps them focus on that letter and the sound it produces. It’s an excellent method for incorporating various subjects into a single comprehensive lesson plan.

For more details about this craft, visit Homeschool Preschool

DIY Upcycled Sock Stick Ponies

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Diy Upcycled Sock Stick Ponies
Photo from Dukes and Duchesses

Utilize an old pair of socks to upcycle into a sweet stick pony. This activity is suitable for children of all ages and makes a great prop for creative play and physical exercises. Fill a sock with polyfill, leaving a few inches at the top empty. Make sure the polyfill is completely stuffed inside the sock’s toe to give the pony head its form.

Next, glue the teddy bear’s eyes to the sides of the head. To create a mane, attach three-inch yarn strands cut into strips across the top of the head. Cut out a felt nose shape, then glue it in place. After that, fasten the sock securely on a stick dowel to keep it from coming off.

Horse Mask Craft

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Horse Mask Craft
Photo from Activity Village

Photo from Activity Village

Here is another enjoyable craft project that your child may complete and wear. This horse mask requires a variety of crafts tasks that younger children will like, such as painting paper plates, cutting, adhering, and, of course, donning the mask at the end!

For a detailed guide on how to recreate this craft, check out Activity Village

Cardboard Tube Horse

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Cardboard Tube Horse
Photo from Crafts by Amanda

Create a free-standing craft horse with your child using a tissue paper roll and some pipe cleaners. This could be a great extension activity on your lesson on the horses of related themes.  This craft is also a great activity to tackle so many areas of development for your child. They are perfect for pretend play which is vital for your child’s language and social development.

For more detailed steps of this activity, check Crafts by Amanda

DIY Horse Necklace Craft

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Diy Horse Necklace Craft
Photo from The Decorated Cookie

Turn a cute horse figurine into an adorable necklace that your little one can wear. Attach a hoop on the toy horse for threading and incorporate different beads and gems into your design. Simply tie off the string once done and let your child wear their new necklace. This activity is perfect for fine motor skills and coordination, including logical skills used in creating patterns.

For a more detailed guide about this activity, check The Decorated Cookie

The Horse Brown Bag Puppet

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - The Horse Brown Bag Puppet
Photo from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

Make a classic paper bag puppet with your little one in the form of a horse. Super simple yet fun, you can add little bits of yarn at the top for its mane and longer bits of yarn towards the back bottom of the bag for a horse tail! Paper bag puppets are always a great craft for kids, which you can use in so many ways to play and learn.

For more details about this activity, check out Surviving a Teacher’s Salary.

Paper Cup Horse Puppets

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Paper Cup Horse Puppets
Photo from This Crafty Family

A fun handcrafted toy craft is always a hit with children! These adorable paper cup horse puppets are not only easy to make but also a lot of fun to play with! You can do so much with them. For example, why not construct some pony jumps for your horses out of toys or books? Or you can build them a makeshift stable. Neigh!

To check the step-by-step guide to creating the materials for this activity, check out This Crafty Family

Collage Horses

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Collage Horses
Photo from Wait Rose

Collage activities are great for tiny hands, and this Horse Collage is perfect for horse lovers! All you need is a cut-out horse shape preferably from cardboard paper, brown wrapping paper, some wool, and glue! Ask your child to tear small pieces of brown paper to be glued all over the horse’s body. Then you can attach wool for its mane and tail. Finally, draw in the mouth, eyes, and ears, and your Horse Collage is ready to be admired by everyone.

Handprint Horses in Fences

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Handprint Horses In Fences
Photo from Our Crafts and Things

Elevate your cut-out handprint horses by enclosing them in a pen.  To make the craft, have your little one trace their hands on construction paper and cut them out. Decorate the horses with markers and yarn, and then glue them onto another piece of paper. Lastly, glue some popsicle sticks on the paper to act as a fence. Your child will enjoy making this craft.

For more information about this activity, visit Our Crafts and Things

Popsicle Stick Horse Craft

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Popsicle Stick Horse Craft
Photo from In the Bag Kids Crafts

Here’s another way to create a horse craft using popsicle sticks and other craft materials you have. To start, create a frame for your horse by gluing popsicle sticks to form a triangle. Let it dry completely and then you can ‘build your horse! Use your imagination and create horses of different colors. These will be wonderful for pretend play or as a display in your kid’s crafts corner.

For more ideas about this craft, visit In the Bag Kids Crafts

Paper Swinging Horse Craft

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Paper Swinging Horse Craft
Photo from Kids Art n Craft

Kids love playing with swings. The back-and-forth motion is appealing to them and makes them want to just sway every time. This Swing Horse Paper Craft is a fun and easy activity you can do with your child. It may look complicated, but it is super simple to make. They will surely enjoy their masterpiece and have fun swinging their handcrafted swinging horse.

To recreate this craft, visit Kids Art n Craft

H is for Horse Alphabet Craft

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - H Is For Horse Alphabet Craft
Photo by Steam Sational

Here’s another approach to H is for Horse Alphabet Craft – turning the letter H into a horse itself! You can have your child design the letter themself to see if they can picture an animal in it. Or guide them to create a horse as seen in the photo above. Such an adorable letter H!

For more details, visit Steam Sational

Can the Horse Crafts for Preschoolers be Adapted for Camping Crafts for Kids?

Yes, the horse crafts for preschoolers can be adapted for camping crafts for kids. For instance, you can incorporate the idea of making a glowing camping crafts kids that mimics the pattern on a horse’s saddle. This can make the camping experience more exciting and enjoyable for children.

Are the Preschooler Horse Crafts Suitable for Toddlers?

Preschooler horse crafts may be too advanced for toddlers, but creative pig crafts are suitable for their age. These activities can help toddlers develop fine motor skills and foster creativity. With age-appropriate supervision, toddlers can enjoy making adorable pig crafts while learning and having fun.

Craft Stick Horse

Horse Crafts For Preschoolers - Craft Stick Horse
Photo from Crafts by Amanda

Craft sticks are another versatile crafting material as they can be turned into just about anything! For this project, you can turn them into horses by simply painting them the color you want, adding some googly eyes, mouth, mane, and other cute details. You can even craft other farm animals to go with the horse! Your child will enjoy playing with these craft animals which can double as a bookmark for that chapter book you are reading to them. Enjoy!

Incorporating horse crafts for preschoolers is a fun way to teach children about these beloved animals. From handprint keepsake cards to paper bag horse hats, there are endless possibilities for creating easy and entertaining horse crafts. These activities not only encourage creativity and imagination but also help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Whether your child loves to pretend play or enjoys making wearable crafts, there is something for everyone on this list of 20 horse crafts for preschoolers.

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