9 Free Preschool Scissor Practice Printables – Watercolor Christmas Theme

Christmas Preschool Scissor Practice

I made these preschool scissor practice printables for my 3 and 5-year-olds. It’s around this age when they are so curious about everything, especially scissors! No matter how hard I try to hide our scissors in the house, they somehow magically get into their tiny little hands. I find too many other things being cut and not just paper. Some of the damaged stuff around our home are pillowcases, blankets, and lately my curtains. The good thing is, this gives me an excuse for my husband for me to buy new curtains.

So if you have dilemmas like mine and just need some toddler cutting activities, then feel free to download these Watercolor Christmas-themed free printable cutting activities for preschoolers PDF files. These cutting activity practice worksheets will be perfect for them.

Teaching your child good cutting practice using scissors will help them improve their fine motor skills and gain confidence in cutting with scissors.

These scissor-cutting activities for toddlers need adult supervision.

Christmas Preschool Scissor Practice Printables

Supplies Needed:

  • PDF Printables to Download below
  • Kids Scissors (Buy on Amazon here)
  • White Cardstock (Buy on Amazon here) or Letter Paper

Print these PDF files on Letter size paper. You can use copy paper or white cardstock paper. I use 110 lb white cardstock so it’s easier for the kids to hold the paper when they are cutting. It’s just what I have also for cardstock right now. But you can surely pick whichever you like.

The first 3 pages here in a PDF file are lines and easy curves that 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds can easily follow and cut. They have these pretty watercolor Christmas theme images like a Christmas tree, ornaments, mistletoe, Santa Claus, snowman, and a few more fun and pretty images that your kids will adore!

Free Watercolor Christmas Preschool Scissor Practice Printables

These next 5 pages have the same watercolor Christmas images but only in a much bigger size. There are 2 pictures on each page with a cutting line to follow. These pages are a bit more challenging with cutting skills.

Free Watercolor Christmas Preschool Scissor Practice Printables

You can print two of this last page below and have the kids cut through all the lines making a square for each image. You can do a fun matching or memory game with them.

Free Watercolor Christmas Preschool Scissor Practice Printables

My girls, even my 7-year-old, love cutting these and playing with them.

So let your little ones have fun learning scissor skills and enjoy these free preschool scissor practice printables or more scissors practice here!

I’ll be making more cutting exercises for preschoolers soon here so check back or subscribe to get notified for more free printables.


Can Preschool Scissor Practice Printables be Used for Toddler Crafts?

Yes, preschool scissor practice printables can be used for toddler crafts. Simply supervise the activity and help guide their cutting. You can use the adorable bumble bee craft printable to make a fun and easy craft with your toddler. It’s a great way to practice fine motor skills.

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